Bradley Wilkinson


Bradley Wilkinson
Principal Industrial Designer at BD (Becton Dickinson)

Bradley Wilkinson is a Principal Industrial Designer at BD (Becton Dickinson) in Franklin Lakes, NJ. He works in a corporate function for the CID (Customer Insights and Design) COE where the team is responsible for execution, guidance, and liaison of ID best practices to all of BD. With over 30 years’ experience he has accumulated over 100 patents, IDEA Gold, and several BD innovation awards. He often speaks at Kean University’s “Intro to Industrial Design” class about medical product design. He formal academic training is from Auburn University. He currently lives in norther NJ with his wife and teenage daughter.



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

The State of Medical OEM Design in the Wake of a Pandemic

Medical device design is uniquely collaborative and cross-disciplinary by nature. The pandemic has broken down fundamental conditions on how human beings relate to each other. Join us in this roundtable discussion as three design leaders share their experiences and perspectives on the ways that COVID-19 has changed HOW in-house groups design and WHAT they design in the near future.