A Century of Automotive Style: 100 Years of American Car Design

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A Century of Automotive Style: 100 Years of American Car Design

Michael Lamm and Dave Holls

From Scientific American
This is quite simply the best book ever written on American automotive design.... From The New Yorker Lamm and Holls...have put just about all that one could ask for on this huge subject into a large, solidly structured and masterfully written book.

From Automobile Magazine
Authors Lamm and Holls provide the big picture in their new book...the most ambitious and comprehensive look yet at this side of the auto business. What makes the book especially appealing is the wealth of little details: It took three to eight weeks to paint a car by hand back in 1920; in the 1930s, GM used a red-tinted clay for its scale models while Ford used a natural gray-green; the original Jeep was designed not by Willys-Overland but by an anonymous member of the U.S. Army Quartermaster's Corps 'who had no inkling that his simple sketch would end up as one of the great vehicle designs of all time.'

From Robert A. Lutz, President, Chrysler Corp.
Congratulations on a truly stupendous book; a real in-depth look with none of the superficiality with which 'dream car' or 'design' books are sometimes afflicted. From Classic & Sports Car (British) Immensely impressive, eminently readable and a comprehensive survey of one of the most fascinating aspects of the motor car.

From Sports Car International
Meticulously researched.... Authors Lamm and Holls have delved into the recollections and personal albums of designers, stylists, and board-men to unearth photos, drawings, opinions, and information never seen previously. In fact, there's so much new research in this work that it literally takes days to absorb-but this will be entirely enjoyable to anyone interested in why auto design and autos in general have evolved as they have.

From Automobile Quarterly magazine
What a book! Undoubtedly, without any reservations, this is the most significant automotive book of the decade. How I wish Automobile Quarterly...could have published it.


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