Why Didn't I Think of That?: Bizarre Origins of Ingenious Inventions We Couldn't Live Without

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Why Didn't I Think of That?: Bizarre Origins of Ingenious Inventions We Couldn't Live Without

Allyn Freeman and Bob Golden

Ben & Jerry originally wanted to start a bagel business, but they couldn't afford the bagel-making machine?

  • The Slinky toy was born aboard a World War II battleship?
  • Band-Aids were invented by a husband to help his accident-prone wife dress her own cuts and bruises at home?
  • The idea for Velcro came from cockleburs that got stuck on an engineer's wool trousers and in his dog's fur?

Ever wonder how anyone came up with the idea for a product you couldn't imagine living without? Familiar products like Velcro, disposable diapers, Post-It Notes, and coffee filters. Read this book and you'll discover—once more—that truth is indeed often stranger than fiction. You'll also see that coming up with a million-dollar idea isn't as difficult as you think. This collection of entrepreneurs ranges from housewives to PhDs.

Filled with wacky and fascinating facts, awe-inspiring success statistics, and rags-to-riches stories, Why Didn't I Think of That? chronicles the odd origins behind 50 famous inventions and reveals the business side of each product's actual production, marketing, and distribution. You'll discover how inventors from all walks of life struck it rich with unlikely contraptions that range from the practical (like Tampax and Tupperware) to the curiously inane (like the Barbie doll and Silly Putty).

Inspirational, detailed, and always quirky, this delightful book captures all of the drama and colorful history of products like Heinz ketchup, The Club, Jell-O, Hallmark cards, Trojan condoms, Vaseline, Rollerblades, Kitty Litter, the Swiss Army  Knife, Bic  pens, Dirt Devil , Pampers , S.O.S  pads, and many more.


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