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Agile Product Development for Mass Customization: How to Develop and Deliver Products for Mass Customization Niche Markets, JIT, Build-to-Order, and Flexible Manufacturing

In Agile Product Development for Mass Customization, Dr. Anderson shows how you can cost-effectively offer useful variety to customers and customize quality products quickly and easily. Through unique methodologies you'll have the ability to produce customized products at mass production speed and efficiency. Through these leading-edge techniques, Agile Product Development for Mass Customization will allow your company to enhance agility, improve variety, reduce costs, develop products more quickly, speed delivery, and satisfy unique customer needs.


Achieving Planned Innovation: A Proven System for Creating Successful New Products and Services

Despite promising marketing research, most new products and services fail. However, with Frank R. Bacon's and Thomas W. Butler's Planned Innovation® system, any firm, of any size, in any country in the world can achieve high rates of success in new-product innovation. Like a preflight instrument check done by a cockpit crew, Planned Innovation is a disciplined and practical step-by-step sequence of procedures for reaching the intended destination point—successful products—every time.