Humanscale 4/5/6

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Humanscale 4/5/6

Niels Diffrient, Alvin R. Tilley, Joan Bardagjy

4. Human Strength and Safety 

5. Controls and Displays

6. Designing for People

Humanscale is designed to bring the best of the available information together and deliver it as a compact, convenient tool for architects, engineers, and designers. In volume 4/5/6 the reader will also find that emphasis is placed on safety because of the ever-increasing need for this commodity in the growing complexity of our world. A new generation of dedicated professionals is needed to master the emerging complexities of safety. In addition to the rights of man and the four freedoms, we should have the right to breathe clean air, the right to drink unpolluted water, the right to be without damaging noise and vibration, the right to be without physical discomfort and visual distress.

Humanscale is an excellent tool for anyone who is interested in designing equipment for maximum operator efficiency, comfort, and safety. A mass of data on human engineering is included which has been compiled and organized by Henry Dreyfuss Associates for more than thirty years. This data has been compiled from numerous sources prepared by human-factor specialists, anthropologists, psychologists, scientists, and medical experts.

The author, Niels Diffrient, is a Fellow of IDSA.

This book is available for purchase.