Furniture & Housewares

Authentic Georgian Furniture Designs: Universal System of Household Furniture, 1762

Excellent reprint of 18th-century cabinet-makers' pattern book, which surpasses all collections of furniture designs in the English rococo style for variety, scope and general superiority. Over 300 finely engraved designs for parlor chairs, claw tables, sideboards, desks, ladies' secretaries, bookcases, writing tables, candlestands, couches, draperies, girandoles, and more.

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Art Deco Furniture: The French Designers

The Art Deco movement, which swept through Europe and the United States in the early twentieth century, signaled the beginning of the modern age of design. This dazzling and distinctive style, with its emphasis on up-to-date individuality combined with good taste, fine materials, and exquisite workmanship, soon created new standards in furniture design, architecture, and the decorative arts. In furniture especially, the French predominated, from the virtuoso cabinet-making of Ruhlman to the brilliant originality of Gray and Legrain.

American Furniture 1998

This volume features articles on late Baroque Boston seating furniture, Germanic influence on furniture early nineteenth-century design in Philadelphia, Randolph chairs, the Christian M. Nestell drawing book, the inlaid cherry furniture of Nathan Lombard, the Waldo family joined great chair, "Tinkham" chairs, as well as book reviews and bibliography of new books in the field.


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Authentic Art Deco Interiors and Furniture in Full Color

Rich archive of 108 handsome illustrations, selected from rare 1920s French portfolios, features elements characteristic of Art Deco interiors, among them built-in furniture, cleverly arranged living areas, open and uncluttered spaces, clean, straight lines of furniture and rooms and much more. Of immense value to artists, interior designers, craftspeople and others.


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50 Tables : Innovations in Design and Materials

A feast of creative inspiration by the very best internationally known designers. Lovers of fine furniture, along with designers and collectors will appreciate the wealth of innovative table design assembled in this handsome volume. Through exploded diagrams, the tables are taken apart then reassembled, accompanied by explanatory captions to help dissect all the angled cross-sections not visible to the naked eye. 250 color illustrations.


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397 Chairs

This Book is in Good Condition. Clean Copy With Light Amount of Wear. 100% Guaranteed. Summary: What is a chair? More than 300 designers, architects and furniture makers from around the world attempted to answer that question when they submitted chairs to an exhibition sponsored by the Architectural League of New York in 1986. This book contains photographs of the entries.


A Life's Design: The Life And Work of Industrial Designer Charles Harrison

This is an amazing volume. It's hard to beleive that a single industrial designer could apply an aesthetic hand to something as mundane as two styles of trash cans found in both suburban and urban yards to the five in one appliance precursor to the ubiquitous Cuisinart to the standby road trip diversion of the Viewmaster is mind blowing. And to think, when Mr. Harrison began his work at Sears in the early 1960's there was an unwritten policy that the company did not hire persons of African descent.

Toilets, Toasters & Telephones

Who invented the toilet? How did the telephone get its shape? Can a refrigerator or a toaster be art? And what does a chocolate bar melting in the lab coat of a scientist have to do with the invention of the microwave? In this fascinating history of everyday objects, Susan Goldman Rubin helps us appreciate anew the things we see all around us. She also introduces the inspired geniuses who are responsible for the way these universal objects look.

Rethinking Sitting

A Scandinavian furniture designer offers insight into his thinking about sitting and explains the philosophy that informs his pioneering chairs.

Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands

Kevin Roberts passionately believes that love is the way forward for business. In his second book, Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands, Roberts recounts the journey from products to trademarks to brands—and the urgency of taking the next step up—to lovemarks. Roberts offers a lively, critical assessment of brands and the problems that face them in an increasingly competitive world. His argument is straightforward. Numbed by the assult of commodification and customer indifference, brands have simply run out of juice. The solution?