Dish: International Design for the Home

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Dish: International Design for the Home

Julie Muller Stahl and Susan Yelavich

The big design surveys of the past few years tend to have two things in common: a lot of creative design and very few women designers. Dish is here to set the record straight. This exciting collection features new work by over forty emerging and established female designers from over fifteen countries.

The innovative, cutting-edge work in Dish provides a fresh take on current trends in product design for the home, including furniture, ceramics, glassware, lighting, and textiles. Works range from Monica Nicoletti's "Place Holders" moving boxes that serve as transitional furniture to Matali Crasset's "Phytolab" that combines plants and plastic in a bathroom project. They explore materials, from Sara Unruh's chemically treated silk fabric to Anette Hermann's rubber and metal chair, in which the user becomes part of the construction. Each designer is featured with examples of her work, biographical information, and a personal statement that encapsulates her approach. A foreword by Susan Yelavich and essays by experts in making, selling, and critiquing contemporary design offer insights into the conceptual, aesthetic, functional, and political nature of the work. All together, this book dishes out the hottest work around.


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