Make Design Matter

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Make Design Matter

David Carlson

"This little red book presents a pocket guide to meaningful design. Seven stepping stones that inspire you to cross the stream of change, and get you to the other side, firm and dry …" —Brent Richards, creative chef and architect

Make Design Matter is an accessible book about a complex subject. It proposes strategic design guidelines based on holistic concepts. The guidelines facilitate convergence across different fields, inspiring designers and laypersons, companies and institutions, teachers and students of design to envision and apply more meaningful solutions. This book will help you to design better … and to make design matter!

David Carlson is an influential facilitator, cross-pollinator, and design thought leader. Internationally sought after as a speaker at conferences, seminars, schools, and corporate events, David tells stories in an informed and inspiring manner about his holistic approach at the intersection of design, culture, and business. David is the founder of The David Report, the Designboost conference series, Carlson Ahnell, and David Design. His social life reflects his cross-pollinating mindcast: president of a nature conservation organization; guitar player in bands since the early '80s, most recently with the band Miller Moon; and last but not least, a deeply dedicated gardener, more specifically, of old roses with unmatched aromas.

This book is available for purchase.