Breaking In

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Breaking In

Amina Horozic


BREAKING IN™ Product Designhelps you build the portfolio you need to get the job you want. With advice from over 100 product design luminaries, BREAKING IN™ gives you an unfair advantage over the rest. 

Get specific advice from the exact people you want to work for. 

Learn what Creative Directors are looking for in your portfolio. 

Avoid the common traps that most portfolios fall into. 

Learn how the best in the industry got their start.

BREAKING IN™ contains interviews with: 


Yves Behar, fuseproject

Chris Bangle, Chris Bangle Associates

Ralph Gilles, Chrysler

Moray Callum, Ford

Neil Brooker, DesignworksUSA

Blaise Bertrand, IDEO

Jonas Damon, frog

Robert Brunner, Ammunition 

Jason Mayden, Brand Jordan, Nike 

Michael Young, Michael Young

Mike Simonian, Mike & Maaike 

Kyle Swen, Astro Studios

Gadi Amit, NewDealDesign 

Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group 

Jonah Becker, HTC

Howard Nuk, Samsung North America 

Dan Harden, Whipsaw

Sohrab Vossoughi, Ziba

Dick Powell, Seymourpowell

Michael DiTullo, DEI Holdings

Laurene Leon Boym, Boym Partners

Allan Chochinov, & SVA

Felicia Ferrone, fferrone design

Sigi Moeslinger & Masamichi Udagawa, Antenna

David Fellah, DesignIt

Paul Bradley, frog

Alfonso Albaisa, Infiniti

Achim Badstuebner, Mercedes-Benz

Alberto Villarreal, Google

Gianfranco Zaccai, Continuum

Klaus Tritschler, ICON Aircraft

Christopher Chapman, Hyundai

Max Burton, MATTER

Donald Strum, Michael Graves Design Group

Derek Jenkins, Mazda

Stuart Macey, Hyundai & Author of H Point

Stuart Karten, Karten Design

Ravi Sawhney, RKS Design

Brad Richards, Ford

Ernesto Quinteros, Johnson & Johnson

Nasahn Sheppard, REI

Todd Ellis, Puma

Ken Musgrave, Dell

Branko Lukic, NONOBJECT

Klaus Rosburg, SONIC Design

Curt Bailey, Sundberg-Ferar

Harm-Willem Hogenbirk & Marc Nagel, Pilotfish

Rhys Newman, HERE/Nokia

Pip Tompkin, Pip Tompkin Design Studio


And over 60 other global product, furniture and automotive design leaders, creative directors, recruiters and educators.

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