REALIZE: Design Means Business

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REALIZE: Design Means Business

Paul Hatch, Deana McDonagh and Tatyana Balte

Finally design is being acknowledged as a major product differentiator within the market. Designers are proving to the business community that their approaches to problem solving, futuristic vision and collaborative skills provide the essential elements in today’s commercial ventures.

Design is no longer considered a luxury. Consumers expect and are demanding more from their material landscape. This book brings together leading design practitioners and researchers that are active members of the design community to share their insights on the increasingly prevalent intersection of good design and good business.

The chapters of this book present further testimony from the creative end of the boardroom table. Most inspire; some may impact your own strategies. Authors have been specifically selected from academia and design practice for their design experience, design recognition and contribution to enhancing product success. This book offers clear and compelling evidence that Design Means Business.


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