Design History

The Industrialization of Design

A history from the steam age to today.

Carroll Gantz, FIDSA is a giant upon whose shoulders we all stand today. The designer of the original Black & Decker Dustbuster, Gantz has never been afraid to pioneer and change where change was needed. This latest book from Gantz, tells it like it was. It's a great read for anyone interested to know how we got here.

The Alliance of Art and Industry: Toledo Designs for a Modern America

Art, industrial design, and community pride are the key elements in this fascinating exhibition catalog celebrating the Toledo Museum of Art's centennial and the leading role Toledo played in promoting the consumer products it created. This volume is not your typical glitzy coffee-table book but instead a thoughtful and reflective sociological study divided into several chapters and case studies. Each section integrates the striking industrial designs and illustrative examples of an emerging corporate America and highlights Toledo's many design triumphs.

Design Chronicles

Here are the design stories of everyday material, "stuff," from cars to Dustbusters, phonographs to DVDs, that makes our lives easier, more exciting, and more comfortable through mass-production. Descriptive vignettes and over 400 illustrations of popular culture as it progressed through the 20th century. Each year is an illustrated double-page spread, showing how design evolved in a precise timeline. Learn fascinating stories behind familiar products, the men and women who invented or designed them, and how their designs came to life or, in some cases, failed.