Superhuman by Design: Keys to Unlocking Your Creativity for Life-Changing Results

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Superhuman by Design: Keys to Unlocking Your Creativity for Life-Changing Results

Donald Burlock, Jr, IDSA

Available on December 11, 2020

"Superhuman by Design" talks about the creative core and how it's foundational to a superhuman life.

The superhuman life is all about living to your fullest potential, about doing more and being more — not simply for success, though that will come too, but in order to make life better for those around you. In order to make a difference in the world.

The creative core provides the fuel for living a superhuman life.

There are 3 C’s of Creativity that help support and nurture the development of that creativity. 

The design process provides the methodology for working on a superhuman life “by design," that is, iteratively and with intention. Empathize, Define, Iterate, Test.

The Superhuman Code provides the moral center for such a life. There’s a set of foundational superpowers that anyone new to the superhuman by design life should explore and work from as a start. Individuals can, and should plan to, extend that foundational set with superpowers that work particularly well for them in their own lives.

The Superhuman Pillars are recommendations for growth in this new life, both internally and externally. Applying the design process to the pillars enables you to more fully explore and adapt them.

How can you tell you’re on the right path? You look for typical indicators, spelled out in the chapter on superhuman results. When looking at results — that is, at the impact that someone who is living a superhuman life is having on others — you see too that there are three stages to this life: hero, superhero, icon.