Expert Design Witness 101

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Expert Design Witness 101

Cooper Woodring, FIDSA

Since the Apple/Samsung litigation over the design of smartphones and tablets, the value of ornamental design patents has exploded within the intellectual property community primarily because of the unprecedented amount of money that changed hands for infringing Apple's design patents.

As I testified in that case, other industrial designers have since asked me what does an industrial designer actually do during design patent litigation and how does one become an expert design witness.

This book will give you a glimpse into the career of one of the pioneering industrial designers to serve as an expert design witness in design patent litigation. My first case was in 1992 and I have been involved in about 100 cases since. The products involved include the appearance of bubble wrap, candles, dog food, internal combustion engines, motorized necktie racks, artificial fingernails, smartphones, bricks, toilet paper, scrunchies (elastic pony tail holders), corkscrews and class rings to name a few..

Woodring weaves his many personal experiences into his more pragmatic teachings, making his story a delightful read, full of surprises, humor and human-interest stories that unexpectedly occur during serious courtroom trials, often with millions at stake.