Books By IDSA Members

Superhuman by Design: Keys to Unlocking Your Creativity for Life-Changing Results

Available on December 11, 2020

"Superhuman by Design" talks about the creative core and how it's foundational to a superhuman life.

The superhuman life is all about living to your fullest potential, about doing more and being more — not simply for success, though that will come too, but in order to make life better for those around you. In order to make a difference in the world.

The creative core provides the fuel for living a superhuman life.

Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design


Contextual Inquiry for Medical Device Design helps users understand the everyday use of medical devices and the way their usage supports the development of better products and increased market acceptance.

The text explains the concept of contextual inquiry using real-life examples to illustrate its application. Case studies provide a frame of reference on how contextual inquiry is successfully used during product design, ultimately producing safer, improved medical devices.

The Future of Design


How can today's designers better engage with new and emerging technologies to take advantage of the opportunities these technologies can bring?


Using a wealth of examples from across multiple industries and countries, design expert Lorraine Justice fully explores the factors that will determine your success and provides a unique framework for navigating the industry into the future.

Protecting Designs in America

This book is a primer for designers and attorneys who represent them for protecting product designs from copying by competitors. Particularly for consumer products, designers spend a great effort into making otherwise purely functional items into works of art one enjoys having displayed in their kitchen, bathroom, office, shop, and elsewhere. Yet unscrupulous competitors can copy or mimic the designs often with impunity.

Analog Dreams

Analog Dreams is a compilation of eye-popping design sketches by IDEA 2018 juror Michael DiTullo. For more than two decades, DiTullo has been designing iconic products and experiences for some of the largest brands in the world including Nike, Google and Honda. Analog Dreams features more than 120 pages of dynamic, behind-the-scenes sketches from a decade+ of DiTullo's professional work as an industrial designer. Also included are some of his thoughts on how to improve your rapid visualization skills and what it takes to be fluent in visual language.

Get Ten Eagles

Get Ten Eagles is an anecdotal, serendipitous, pedagological history of industrial design with a special emphasis on assignments given and on the students, teachers and designers imbued with an aura of creativity and passion to solve them.

Design Creativity & Culture

Design, Creativity & Culture: An Orientation to Design is an accessible reader on the subject of design, culture and the creative processes active in society today.

The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made

The Web has revolutionized so many things, but has only just begun to change what really matters—the physical world. The things you pick up, drive, sit on, and rely on to live your life haven’t been affected by the digital revolution. Until now.

The Art of Product Design explains the rise of Open Engineering, a way of breaking down barriers and taking advantage of web-based communities, knowledge, and tools to accelerate the design and manufacturing processes.