Bob Weis

Bob Weis
Walt Disney Imagineering

Bob Weis is the president of Walt Disney Imagineering—the creative, design and delivery arm of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He is responsible for furthering Imagineering’s vision and developing and delivering extraordinary products and experiences that enhance the emotional connection to the Disney brand.

With decades of experience designing Disney theme parks and attractions around the world, Weis has been a creative force on expansions at Disney California Adventure and Tokyo DisneySea, and recently led all creative and design aspects of the state-of-the-art Shanghai Disney Resort.

Making the Impossible, Possible: Disney’s Approach

Disney’s theme parks, resorts and cruise ships are highly tactile environments, where thousands of people from around the world interface with hundreds of unique objects every day. Ensuring each of these elements is safe, functional and resilient—while also being impeccably themed and seamlessly integrated into a story—is challenging.

Whether it’s making mountains float or creating a “living, breathing” ride vehicle, it takes strong collaborations across the global creative, design and construction group known as Walt Disney Imagineering—along with operational leadership at Disney’s destinations—to make the impossible, possible. These highly skilled teams represent dozens of disciplines that come together to create immersive experiences that inspire emotional connections with guests around the globe.

Join Bob Weis, president, Walt Disney Imagineering, and Andrew Bolstein, vice president of operations, Shanghai Disney Resort, as they share how these critical partnerships work and the significant role industrial design plays in their success.