Beyond Data Visualization: Using Visual Tools to Drive Usability | Karen Radewald

Karen Radewald, visual designer at Karten Design, will present the power of visualization to drive usability in medical design. Citing real world examples, Radewald will explain how visual tools—beyond “traditional” data visualization—can allow innovators to understand and interpret complex processes and experiences, while giving them a deeper understanding of the ecosystem of healthcare players, and ultimately empowering them to create more meaningful, usable products.

Radewald will share strategies for visualizing design research in a way that makes it actionable for multiple stakeholders in the medical device design process. Her discussion will cover:

  • the benefit of analyzing and presenting design research visually;
  • examples of actionable visual tools that go beyond data visualization;
  • using visuals to define and understand the medical design user/patient ecosystem;
  • strategies for extending the longevity of design research;
  • and opportunities for medical design developers to leverage visualization to inform meaningful innovation.