Benjamin Bush, IDSA

Benjamin Bush, IDSA
Professor and Program Coordinator for Industrial Design
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Benjamin Bush, IDSA, has worked as an educator and a mentor for hundreds of design students for nearly a decade. He is a professor and program coordinator for the industrial design department at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Bush is a huge fan of his students and their great potential and frequently volunteers his time at SHiFT Design Camp and The Dream Campaign. He fancies 3D modeling and multiple rapid prototyping processes. He loves making things and playing various types of games.

Bush’s eternal interests include college football, shoes, animated television, dancing, food and Legos.

The Courageous Classroom

Maybe it’s grading… or maybe it’s that high schools told our students there is only one correct answer on a test? Could it be the worksheets and information regurgitation? However you look at it—primary and secondary education has left our students with lots of baggage.

Then we throw them into collaborative projects with divergent teammates pursuing uncharted topics. And in order to uncover fresh solutions, students need to have deep conversations with absolute strangers; empathize with their way of life; and produce groundbreaking insights and solutions.

Many of us have participated with study abroad and seen how it transforms students’ lives, but this option isn’t always available. SCAD Professor Benjamin Bush, IDSA, asks, “Can we get our students to see design as a great adventure with unlimited possibilities?” He’ll discuss how he’s taking steps to change the classroom setting into a sanctuary for risk taking.