Ayan Bhandari

Ayan Bhandari
Senior Human Centered Industrial Designer

Ayan Bhandari is a senior human centered industrial designer at Ximedica. He uses systems level thinking to synthesize complex, multi-layered problems in the medical industry to create usability driven solutions. This process requires a dynamic design skillset, collaboration with cross-disciplinary teams and the ability to advise and guide a client through the medical development process.

Since graduating from Virginia Tech in 2013, Bhandari has honed his skills at various startups and corporations, culminating at Ximedica. He mentors and advises at various colleges and is co-founder and CEO of nuway, developing safety equipment for passengers on motorcycle taxis in Uganda.

Healthcare Innovation: Design as the User Advocate

Get an insider’s look into Ximedica’s Human Centered Industrial Design (HCID) team as it leads the development of new medical technologies, healthcare products and systems. Tom Lutzow, HCID director, and Ayan Bhandari, HCID senior industrial designer, will share how the team works with interdisciplinary development teams to create successful products that empower users and positively impact the future of healthcare.

They will illustrate the value that design has in the creation of novel medical devices, drug delivery systems and robotic surgical systems—and reveal key moments working to define the ideal user experience to develop meaningful end-user experiences. In addition, you will learn opportunities for motivated designers to break into the healthcare space and create a positive impact on patients, clinicians and the delivery of healthcare.