Nate Lau

Nate Lau
IDSA Western District Student Merit Award Winner
Art Center College of Design

Armadillo Versatile Vehicle
The year is 2020, and all hell has broken loose. The LAPD needs a new vehicle to fulfill multiple roles from personnel carrier to mobile medical unit. In order to mend relationships with a broken community, a scale model will also be sold as a toy. Part entertainment design, part vehicle design, and part toy design, the Armadillo Versatile Vehicle is all fun.

Alessi Pet Products
A combination food and water dish, and a butler that serves a can of food to your cat, both of these pieces were created as Alessi products- things that nobody needs, but everybody wants. Designed with Alessi's recognizable brand identifiers in mind (whimsical characters, simple geometric shapes, to name a couple) the Alessi brand is clearly communicated.

The Massroots Project
Getting the 18-24 year old demographic to vote is no simple task, but that's the purpose of this kiosk. The Massroots Project is a comprehensive plan to get today's youth informed, interested, and involved in politics. With a well defined brand, a creative marketing scheme, and a unique kiosk design, The Massroots Project is ready to give the next generation a political voice.

Spot: Symbiotic Furniture
Can a chair have living qualities? Can a relationship with an inanimate object mimic a relationship with another person? Can we design a product with longevity in mind? Yes, yes, and yes. A half sphere with no legs, Spot offers myriad seating positions individual to each user- But only by growing a relationship with Spot over time, is a user able to find the perfect position.

Wearable Safe
With the rise of portable consumer electronics, more people are carrying hundreds of dollars  worth of MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, and laptops in their bags. Until now, there hasn't been a product designed to keep these items safe. The Wearable Safe by Bipolar is a backpack combined with a safe, featuring a central locking system to completely secure its contents.