Evan Gant

Evan Gant  | 2005 IDSA Northeast District Student Merit Award Winner | Virginia Polytechnic Institute


Bucket Cart
Carrying buckets of water is a common task on any horse farm. Horses are generally given 5 gallon buckets of water for drinking, which weigh forty pounds when full. This product offers a solution that allows the user to stay dry and carry two buckets at once without expending much energy.

Dialysis Chair
Kidney dialysis requires patients to sit relatively still during a treatment, which often lasts over three hours and is required three to four times a week. This treatment is a very important part of their day to day lives. Providing these people with more comfort and entertainment would help to ease anxiety during this difficult time.

Home Mobility
Mobility assistants are intended to provide users with more independence and a means to safely walk. Most of the current mobility assistants only meet a very limited number of the user's needs. There is a real need for a product that can assist the user in a wide range of movements and tasks.