Alfredo Aponte


2007 Southern District Student Merit Winner

The Aponte family includes a sculptor, a painter, an architect, an actor and now, an industrial designer. Creativity is in Alfredo Aponte’s genes.

He called on it two years ago as GT’s IDSA Student Chapter President to create a series of trading cards to celebrate and promote Tech’s design students. He called on it again for a standout project that helped him claim the Southern District’s Student Merit Award.


Aponte spent time in South Africa researching a wine packaging project. “I had to design a product for a social event and I realized it wasn’t just about graphics,” he noted. “I really saw how the new world and old world markets converge and the raw, fresh culture that is developing. I ended up with a wine bottle that has a rich history and touches on all levels of the senses.”


In addition to his creativity, Aponte is also very curious about processes. He apprenticed in a glass studio in Italy and says that he enjoys the darkroom more than any other part of photography.


Currently, Aponte is freelancing for a firm in Atlanta doing retail and exhibit space design. With his interest in product development and medical system development, Aponte is hoping to catch on with a studio where he can work interactively with people to bring fluidity into their environments. “I want to remove roadblocks for users and make their experience more fluid,” he said. “What I do is subtle but can be impactful.”


Alfredo Aponte can be reached at .