IDSA Awards


IDSA Awards is a collection of awards presented in recognition of significant contribution to the Society or the industrial design profession, excellence in academic advancement, or personal achievement. Past recipients of these distinguished recognitions are some of the most celebrated industrial designers of all time and have made an indelible mark through their personal and professional successes. Deserving candidates are nominated by their peers through an open submission period each year. IDSA's Awards Committee, made up of IDSA members and chaired by IDSA's At-large Director (Awards), maintains annual oversight of this portfolio and evaluates candidates to identify deserving recipients. 


IDSA Awards 2023


We are pleased to announce that nominations will now be accepted on a rolling basis. Beginning September 14, 2022, nominations for IDSA Awards 2023 are open. Use the link below to nominate yourself or someone else.


  Submit a Nomination  


Nominations Process


The nominations process has 2 phases:

  1. Nominators will be asked to submit a brief form where they select the award type, the person they want to nominate and why they are deserving.
  2. Nominators will be asked additional questions about their submission. They will also be asked to submit letters of recommendation. Simultaneously, the nominee will be informed of their nomination and be asked to submit information. This includes details about their professional career and education, IDSA service, professional honors and awards.

Evaluation Criteria


The Awards Committee will evaluate nominations based on the following applicable criteria (note - criteria for each award varies slighty based on their description): 

  1. Career Info
  2. IDSA Service
  3. Impact to IDSA
  4. Impact to the Profession
  5. Impact on Academia

2023 IDSA Awards Timeline


Details coming soon


Awards Categories

Recognizes IDSA members who have earned the respect and affection of our community through distinguished service to the society and to the profession as a whole. See previous recipients.

Recognizes IDSA members or non-members whose sustained individual achievement has made a valued contribution to the profession of industrial design. See previous recipients.

Recognizes individuals, organizations, or special projects for their creativity, innovation, passion, advocacy or achievement in the field of industrial design. See previous recipients.

Recognizes significant, distinguished, and long-term contributions of career or tenured faculty IDSA members to the field of industrial design academia. See previous recipients.

Recognizes junior faculty, non-tenured, or tenure-track IDSA member educators who have made a noteworthy impact on industrial design education within the early years of their academic career. See previous recipients.

IDSA's Board Chair may provide special acknowledgement to individuals whose work in service of the Society is deserving of a spotlight. See previous recipients.

(Active: 2012-2015)


2022 Ceremony




Awards Committee


A core purpose of the Awards Committee is to ensure the awards we give maintain their relevancy and value to our diverse membership and design community at large. In doing so, the Committee seeks to increase member understanding and visibility of the awards program. A better understanding allows for greater participation and in turn helps IDSA celebrate the wonderful achievements of our community. All candidates who qualify for an award are rigorously evaluated by IDSA's Awards Committee and subsequently approved by IDSA's Board of Directors before being presented with the recognition they have earned.

The 2022 Awards Committee is led by At-Large, Awards Director, ClayVon Lowe, IDSA.

Betsy Barnhart, IDSA

Shea Tillman, IDSA

Jasmine Kent, IDSA

Sheng-Hung Lee, IDSA

Nancy Perkins, FIDSA

George McCain, FIDSA


For more information about IDSA's Awards program, please email Rachel Winter at