UX for HS50/60

Featured Finalist

HS50/60 is an ultrasonic device of SAMSUNG MEDISON which can be used in various diagnostic fields such as radiology, OB/GYN, internal medicine and musculoskeletal. UX for HS50/60 is a project analyzing user behavior patterns and optimizing the usage environment, and is categorized into ease of use, intuitive design and optimized environment. Ease of use is to extract video output more promptly. Intuitive design minimizes visual design elements so users can focus on the information they actually want. Optimized environment enhances colors in accordance with usage conditions and viewing angle.

Designed by: Song minjung, Kwack Eunjeong, Ha Kilsu, Pak Jieun of Samsung Medison

Contact: mj1.song@samsungmedison.com | https://www.samsungmedicalsolution.com/