The TS 98 XEA is a versatile cam-action door closer. It offers new possibilities with just a single closer body suitable for all the standard installation positions. The TS 98 XEA can be mounted on both the pull and push sides, increasing fixing flexibility onsite and reducing complexity throughout the entire process from planning to ordering parts. It can be deployed in conjunction with other dormakaba products from the same family, such as the XEA door or glass hardware and the XEA hold-open systems. The additional latching range of 15–0 degrees ensures that the door shuts with virtual silence. The unit will close fire doors with widths up to 1,400 millimeters without any problems. And if the closer is mounted on the pull side, closure from 180 degrees is also ensured. 

Designed by: Bernhard Heitz of dormakaba

Contact: bernhard.heitz@dormakaba.com | www.dormakaba.com