Student Designs

Universal Hand Dryer

The majority of hand dryers in public restrooms are installed at high positions, making them difficult to use for children and people in wheelchairs. On the contrary, if they are installed too low, they can be uncomfortable for tall users. Universal Hand Dryer detects the height of the user's hand and blows warm air in the appropriate direction.

Designed by: Hyunsu Park of Kookmin University Department of Industrial Design

Contact: Hyunsu Park

Safe House

Safe House is a new, protective cabin that adopts the modular separated structure installed on a cruise ship. Cabin itself is not only the comfortable rest room while passengers are on the boat, but also the rescue capsule that could be separated with the hull at any time and have the function of escape. Once the shipwreck occurs and the hull tilts, the floating cabin can slide out from the track under the influence of gravity and convert into a rescue capsule, floating on the sea. It effectively could avoid the huge casualties caused by the hull sinking, allowing travelers to have time and space to wait for the rescue.

Designed by: Wang Cai, Jiahuan Liu, Jia Dong, Deyu Ma and Haimo Bao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University; and Song Qiao and Jing Sun of Dalian HMO Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: Hao Yu


Höganäs for IKEA is an attractive and efficient cooling fan that takes advantage of natural material qualities to optimize thermo-conduction and temperature regulation, all using no more energy than needed to run a small electric fan blade.

Designed by: Alexandra Sieben, S/IDSA of San Jose State University

Contact: Alexandra Sieben

Free Climbing

Free Climbing is a new type of climbing wall—with a surface that can be changed by a mobile app! Users may select a difficulty level to decide the state of the surface—based on challenge and interest. The route can be recorded and stored.

Designed by: Zhen Ye, Jie Zhang, Chuanyin Wang, Mengsheng Cai and Haimo Bao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University; and Song Qiao and Jing Sun of Dalian HMO Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: Zhen Ye

Foldable Straw

Straws are made with PVC and PP plastics, which can consume resources and pollute the environment. Foldable Straw is made of a safer paper, that can be folded after use and recycled. 

Designed by: Cheng W. Dong of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Contact: Wang-Dong Cheng

Bicycle Guardians

Bicycle Guardians are a bike pedal and a bike lock all-in-one, saving time, money and the annoyance of having to carry around a separate, weighty bicycle lock. Both sides of the pedal surface are non-slip and covered with reflective safety tape. The key hole is waterproof. Ride, and park, with confidence.

Designed by: JZCX Design Team,and Chunming Zhang of College of Arts, Changzhou University

Contact: Qiu Qi


Overwhelmed by all the tools you own? Save time, money and space with one new tool. And you don't have to be a handy expert to use it! 3Driver screwdriver does the job of three screwdrivers. It has three heads of varying sizes—small, medium and large. Each one can pop out when you need it and retract when you don’t—with just the push of a button. 

Designed by: Wanki Kim of Hannam University

Contact: Wanki Kim

14A Commuter Bike

14A Commuter Bike makes the daily trek to work an organized one. This bike quickly attaches to a car hitch for easy transportation, while a unique track system provides easily accessible storage for many accessories such as bags, lights, navigation, speakers and phone cases. Its seat hitch design eliminates the need for a bike rack, and the bike seat can be stored safely when mounted to the hitch.

Designed by: Zachary W. Ruthven of College for Creative Studies

Contact: Zachary W. Ruthven

The Third Eyes

It’s a lifesaving idea that could help put the brakes on vehicle collisions caused by drivers when changing lanes.
The Third Eyes system warns a driver that a vehicle or more could be in the way, if the driver is trying to change lanes. When a driver turns on a lane changing signal, a Third Eyes ultrasonic sensor detects headlights from vehicles on either side. This lights up the driver’s rear view mirror and sets off adjustable alarm sounds, warning the driver not to switch lanes.
The Third Eyes system can be installed in any kind of vehicle to find danger in what commonly is known as the “blind spot.” It was designed by Wen-Sheng Wang and Yann-Long Lee, students at Ling-Tung University in Taiwan.

Designed by: Wen-Sheng Wang Yann-Long Lee of LING-TUNG UNIVERSITY

The Third Eyes
Ling-Tung University

Link Hanger

Clothes and accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and organizing them requires different storage tools. Link Hanger aims to simply this. It is a single hanger that is easily adaptable to belts, ties, backpacks, purses or any other item with a loop for affixing itself to Link. Multiple Link Hangers can also be tethered together to expand the possibilities.

Designed by: Chia Chun Lin / Wei Chen Yang / Chao Lun Lee