Student Designs


Call it a floating city! Connect the components of this sleek is;Land concept to create your own water world. Each piece of is;Land is designed in a symmetrical form for efficient modularization. When they are connected with electromagnetic pull, they form a larger multifunctional boat. Add or subtract to customize the shape and the uses. Let your imagination run wild with is;Land.

Designed by: Seunghee Seo of Yeungnam University


Frea Helmet

The Frea concept is a stylish close-fit hybrid helmet that grants freedom to female climbers. It consists of a 3-piece hard outer shell, a flexible second layer and a soft inner padding. The structure allows it to provide full protection and to fit long hair effortlessly. 

Designed by: Ziqi (Kiki) Wang of ArtCenter College of Design

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Escape is a rebranding proposal for Caltrans’ I-5 rest stops that reflect their location while providing important travel-related information. Interstate 5 is a 1,381-mile route running north to south from Canada to Mexico. There are 55 rest stops in the state. However, many are spatially dark and unpleasant. A new identity was developed to give the rest stops a more pleasant look and feel. The rebranding includes developing materials for wayfinding, signage and information systems to support the identity system.

Designed by: Kyeyoung Kang, S/IDSA, for ArtCenter College of Design

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CORE - The Future Arborist

CORE - The Future Arborists is an ecosystem of products to help arborists maintain green spaces in cities. It consists of a climbing harness with incorporated motor and batteries, a lightweight chainsaw and an assistance drone to help with the climb and to monitor the surroundings to keep pedestrians safe.

Designed by: Jens Rehammar and Joe Richardson of Umeå Institute of Design



AERO is a water harvester created for urban gardening communities. With polymer-coated cotton, AERO passively absorbs water molecules from the air. Twisting motions squeeze out the water, which gardeners can access at any time and share. Powered by its own solar energy, AERO is able to produce up to 200 liters of water daily. To reduce water waste, AERO is connected to smart-dosing feeders, which automatically deliver the right amount of water to plants. AERO allows users to create individual watering plans and always be aware of how much water is available.

Designed by: Susanne Duswald and Janis Beinerts of Umeå Institute of Design


YOYOKE Bicycle

Why spend a lot when you can rent what you need? YOYOKE is an environmentally friendly community bike rental system. Check out a free bike and then rent bicycle accessories that meet your daily needs and express your lifestyle and personality. Even the accessories can be free of charge when the cost of renting the accessory reaches a certain value. 

Designed by: Wei Binglin, Cao Ming, Lu Fang, Xu Siyu and Che Zhao for Ming Design Studio and Jiangnan University


Spark Your Design Creativity

The Spark Your Design Creativity activity book introduces kids to the basic principles of design while helping them build fundamental social skills. Artists, designers and activities inspire kids to use design as a vehicle for problem-solving and innovative thinking. Spark walks learners through 16 engaging activities from perspective drawing and value to skills in observation. Completion of each activity introduces budding designers to 21st century learning skills such as critical thinking, empathy and resourcefulness.

Designed by: Spark Corps

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Rodilla is a low-cost adjustable knee prosthesis. When an amputee has had a transfemoral amputation, they need a prosthesis that replicates the thigh, knee, shin/calf and foot. Rodilla fits into any prosthesis that uses a standard pyramid connector, a common industry part. The design is based on a tension spring mechanism and a single bar linkage system. This allows the amputee to be able to easily walk on variable terrain and adjust the tension in the knee as needed.

Designed by: Neil Rotroff, S/IDSA, Kevin Somarriba, S/IDSA and Kai Yang of San Jose State University for Simple Limb Initiative

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Muhimu is a service for integrating deaf and mute students into auditory-based college environments. Enabled by a set of smart rings and a connected app, Muhimu filters nearby sound and translates it into haptic patterns and visual feedback. Muhimu facilitates deaf students to be responsive to their surroundings with no dependency on an outside source, such as an interpreter, while understanding the content and context of information.

Designed by: Edgar Espejo of Savannah College of Art and Design

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DUAL Soap Dispenser

DUAL is designed to reduce the plastic pollution generated by soap bottles. After using the liquid soap in DUAL, the user can remove the paper wrapping from the dispenser and use it as soap. In the end, the dispenser pump is the only component left and can be used with the next DUAL soap dispenser.

Designed by: Yi Teng Shih and Jiani Zeng of the University of Nottingham Ningbo, Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

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