Student Designs

Crop Protector

The Crop Protector prevents seedlings from being damaged by Pomacea canaliculata, a freshwater snail that feeds on water crops like rice, lotus, and water chestnuts. The outer shell is made from straw fiber, which stabilizes the roots and prevents the seedlings from being knocked over in strong winds. Rice bran and tea seed meal are added to the top to reduce damage from the snail. The straw fiber, rice bran, and tea seed meal are rich in nutrients and decompose in the soil, serving as an organic fertilizer to help the seedlings grow. Since the Crop Protector is completely biodegradable, the seedlings can be transplanted directly into the ground while still inside the vessel.

Designed by: Chieh-An Chung, Chang-Yu Lung and Zi-Shan Zhang and advised by Prof. Kai-Chu Li of Ming Chi University of Technology

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Rescue dog companion-2

When an earthquake, fire, avalanche, or other disaster occurs, search and rescue dogs play an irreplaceable role in rescue operations. But when rescues dogs are tethered to people, their mobility is limited, hampering the speed at which they are naturally able to search for survivors. The Rescue dog companion-2 greatly improves the search efficiency of rescue dogs and enhances the communication between rescue dogs and workers. Through this wearable intelligent device, rescue dogs can search independently. When a dog finds a survivor, it barks, and the rescue team automatically receives positioning information and a rescue route.

Designed by: Di Fang, Xiaoqi Ma, Rongfeng Zhang, Yuhang Tang and Heqi Wang of Liuxuefei Studio for Dalian Minzu University

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RElieve: Emergency Toilet Designed for Disaster Camps

In the aftermath of a disaster, such as an earthquake or a landslide, it usually takes three to four days before large toilet arrays can be delivered. Three days without proper toilets is dangerous enough to cause plenty of water-borne diseases. RElieve is a portable toilet system designed for disaster camps. Made of waxed cardboard, it is lightweight and water-resistant and packs flat. It is intended as a temporary, low-cost solution. Users simply place a plastic bag onto the seat before using the toilet; afterward, they dispose the used bag into a community collection bin.

Designed by: Yanzhi Lai

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Healing Buddies

Healing Buddies is an evolution of the therapeutic practices taking place at Coaniquem, a pediatric burn clinic in South America. Young children begin their healing journey by being introduced to their Healing Buddy so that they can start to form a bond. Each Healing Buddy is personalized to the child to build a unique, intimate friendship. The relationship with their doll should lead to compliance with their therapy and ease some of the anxieties and fears over treatment. Each doll is made of a hypoallergenic poly fill with buttons at the end of each limb for weight and sound. Fabrics vary based on the textures and roughness required for each child's therapy.

Designed by: Cosme Cruz in affiliation with Designmatters for ArtCenter College of Design and Coaniquem Foundation

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AED Support

This is a mobile phone application for rescuing people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. An automated external defibrillator is immediately deployed to the patient followed by an ambulance.

Designed by: Wan Kairui of Wuhan University of Technology

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Breath&Play is an intelligent nebulizer mask for children. With the mask, children can interact with iPad games during treatment.

Designed by: Bo Liu, Xiaofang Li, Hua Tan, Wei Liu and Monica Calista

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Candy ABC

Candy ABC is a children's mobile educational game that teaches the English alphabet through tactile feedback.

Designed by: Bo Liu, Xiaofang Li and Monica Calista of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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Grape Museum

The design of this museum symbolically translates its volume and abstractness based on inspiration from grapevines and reveals its beauty and grace through curves and color.

Designed by: Shim Keun Young of Architects601

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This outdoor lounge chair was designed for people who experience problems with the secretion and inhibition of serotonin hormone, which makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

Designed by: Hanju Seo of Korea Polytechnic University

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LIFT is a lamp for nighttime readers. The dual-light system simultaneously creates a focused but gentle high-quality lighting condition for reading and a soft, comfortable environment.

Designed by: Yu Huang and Jie Liu of ArtCenter College of Design

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