Student Designs

GiraDora: Safe Agua - Washer and Spin Dryer

GiraDora, a human-powered washer and spin dryer, increases the efficiency and improves the experience of hand-washing clothes for people living without access to running water. The user sits on the drum-like appliance and pumps the pedal with the foot, which agitates, cleans, rinses and then spin dries clothes. Local assembly and an innovative business plan with three revenue streams for micro-entrepreneurs provide supplemental income. For under $40, GiraDora’s comfortable and ergonomic operation more than doubles productivity, increases health, instills dignity and affords opportunities to begin breaking the poverty cycle.


Balde a Balde: Safe Agua

Balde a Balde (Spanish for “Bucket to Bucket”) is a portable faucet that delivers water from any container. It makes the convenience and health benefits of running water available to the 46 percent of the global population living without it.

A universal clip attaches the Balde a Balde unit to any existing container. A squeeze of the siphon pump initiates a continuous flow of water. Tapping the spout instantly turns on and off the water, and twisting the valve regulates the volume of water. Balde a Balde maximizes the benefits of clean water to improve health, makes washing hands easy and accessible, and allows users to control exactly where and how much water is used. Most of all, it delivers the experience and dignity of using a tap.


Traverse Ski Patrol Rescue Toboggan


The Traverse Rescue Toboggan provides a modern security-oriented tool that meets patroller needs while enhancing the guest’s safety and rescue experience. A ski patroller’s job requires correctly assessing an injured guest’s condition; providing first aid to stabilize the guest’s condition; and moving the guest quickly, securely and as comfortably as possible to the resort’s emergency-aid center. The Traverse Ski Patrol Rescue Toboggan addresses these needs in detail.

ALLAYANT A shirt with built-in back support for paramedics


ALLAYANT is a paramedic uniform with a built-in adjustable artificial spine (spring) for back support. As the EMT bends over to lift, the back brace automatically adjusts, assisting the EMT in tightening the lower back muscles. With this built in back brace, EMTs can safely lift and transport patients and other heavy loads.

DIGIFI: Audionauts

The years between 1999 and 2008 saw a 25 percent decline in music sales and the beginning of the end of the traditional recording industry. Without official standards in recording quality and the equity of music nearing zero, how can the music industry innovate to become profitable again?

Most pirated files are low-quality MP3 files. While the inexperienced can’t tell the difference, for one who truly appreciates a particular song, the difference is unacceptable. Perhaps quality is the innovation the music industry needs in order to adapt. The Audionaut is the tool to draw popular attention to the cause. Reinvigorate interest in high-fidelity, foster newfound respect for an art form and innovate the music industry for the future—that is the purpose of the Audionaut.


Nursing Kit


The Nursing Kit is a family first-aid kit designed to blend into its surroundings and be a part of people’s daily lives. It adds a breath of fresh air to the mundane. The designers observed that the concept of a first-aid kit is not familiar to typical Taiwanese families. Therefore, they began the design process by seeking a form with which affinities could be easily found and that could be looked upon as a piece of art within the home.

When the Nursing Kit is picked up, the red emergency first-aid cross lights up. The user opens the kit by pushing down on it and turning. The container is separated into three sections: one for sterilization, one for medication and one for dressings. The lid portion functions as a light source, so when the kit is taken apart it can be used as a flashlight.

Inside the kit are multiple components: curvy scissors, a tape dispenser, a tweezers clip and medicine caps. The curvy scissors were designed with curved handles that are angled upward 6 degrees. This curvature makes it much easier for users to pick up and hold the scissors, no matter which side is used. The tape dispenser doubles as a mirror base when not in use, and the tape can be cut from multiple angles and easily applied to any part of the body. The wavy surface on the tweezers clip improves grip; the tweezers clip can also be used to seal packages. The medicine caps make it easy for people with limited dexterity to easily open medicine containers; the small integrated magnifying element also helps users read labels.

Cadence Prosthetic and Pedal for Cyclists

Cadence is a prosthetic and pedal for cyclists who are below-the-knee amputees. It helps restore proper cycling movements and efficiency and provides a much safer experience. Pros, amateurs and even recreational below-the-knee amputees can benefit from this kind of prosthetic. The leg can be used when riding a bicycle during training or just for fun.

"Finally, a cycling prosthetic that's every bit as cool and high-tech as the bicycle it'll be paired with! The Cadence Prosthetic and Pedal for Cyclists was designed for serious cycling enthusiasts with the same sense of aesthetics and performance as the bikes they ride. It even looks fast! I wonder what Lance would do with this?" – Michelle Berryman, FIDSA, Founding Principal, Echo Visualization, LLC



POETREE is a funeral urn that evolves over time as a companion through the stages of mourning. The ashes are placed in the urn and are covered with soil. The family takes the urn home and plants a tree in it. When the tree is big enough, it is time to plant the urn in a garden or a park. Eventually the urn, which is made of a biodegradable material and ceramic, will disappear, and only the tree and the ceramic top will remain, just like a gravestone.

"A simple and elegant physical manifestation of where emotional intelligence meets not only a poetic idea, but a powerful one that touches the soul of the human condition." – Carrie Russell, IDSA, Senior Design Manager, Proctor & Gamble

Credits: Margaux Ruyant of DSK ISD International School of Design (India)

Contact: Philippe Vahe:


Dyaun IV Pole

Dyaun IV Pole is a mobile stand for supporting IV solution bags at an adjustable height. The matte surface of the pole and friendly touch handle change the conventional glassy-eyed look and iced-cold touch of IV pole. The multi-use rounded handle features two straight edges for better cable management and cable length adjustment. The simplified base has a friendly look and is much easier for cleaning than the existing prong shape base. The rubber wrapped edge protects the base from scratches and creates a non-slip surface for nurses moving the IV pole by kicking.

Contact: Hao Yu Feng
San Francisco State University, USA,

Credit: Feng Haoyu & Dan Xiong , San Francisco State University

The Access

Access is a sleek, advanced exercise machine that accommodates users with or without disabilities through engineering and universal design. It also combines the features of multiple machines into one unit capable of giving a full-body workout. Simplified, minimal controls enable people with limited dexterity (paraplegics and quadriplegics) to set up and use Access with ease. Adjustable grip attachments allow anyone, from a short, 100-pound woman to a tall, 240-pound man, to customize the machine to their body type. Hooks from the base of the machine secure a wheelchair in place, and a rolling bench can be locked in place for users without disabilities. The design follows the current trend in fitness equipment for cleaner, sophisticated aesthetics. It also introduces color in a market where whites, grays and blacks dominate, with green accents that represent bright, vibrant energy.

“Simple design. Simple solution. Very thorough design process. Quickly became the standard by which all other entries were evaluated.” --Jonathon Kemnitzer, IDSA, Principal, KEM STUDIO. “Exemplifies the high quality of student work seen in this year’s entries. The Access designers embraced ideas of inclusion and universality, based their work on thorough research, and produced a beautiful, carefully detailed, remarkable solution to a very real problem.”

Prasad Boradkar, IDSA, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Contact: J. Ryan Eder, IDSA

Credit: J. Ryan Eder, IDSA of University of Cincinnati