Student Designs


The U-battery combines the SD card of a camera, a U-disk and a battery that together enable the user to perform multiple functions simultaneously, such as charging the camera’s battery while transferring photos. It provides convenience while eliminating the need for multiple camera accessories.

Designed by Xiang Gao, Haimo Bao, Yusheng Yin, Weiyin Luo, Xiang Liu, Song Qiao, Kun Xu, Xianming Yin, Jiwei Huang, Mengyin Jia and Rui Zhang of School of Design, Dalian Nationalities University; Bai Xue of Huazhong

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The Mamma is a salt shaker designed to reduce the amount of salt intake for its user. Rather than pour inexact and abundant amounts of salt on food, the Mamma enables the user to easily measure the amount of salt being used.

Designed by Soohun Jung of Samsung Art and Design Institute

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The WIDY is a laundry rack that features sliding hanging rails and a grooved frame for simple hanging of wet clothing. It features adjustable rails to accommodate larger items and a central button that locks the rails into place.

Designed by Soohun Jung and Areum Gu of Samsung Art and Design Institute

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The Mua-Mi is a breast pump that provides an easy, convenient and comfortable way to pump milk. It features a one-time-use plastic bag, which can be used as a milk bottle and kept fresh for up to 12 hours. It also includes an app that helps users control the pump and check the temperature of the milk.

Designed by Xiaoxiao Pu, Zimo Pan and Lei Hong of Rochester Institute of Technology

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Desert Forest

Desert Forest is a plant-like instrument that resembles a forest when planted in a large mass. Just like a forest, a collection of Desert Forests provides water and visual freshness to desert inhabitants. Users simply have to stick Desert Forest in sand and leave it overnight to collect water from the vessel underground. It will also grab sand around its roots, resisting huge sandstorms from forming. “Forest” created by our product will bring new hope and life into deserted areas. Desert Forest creates miracles on deserts.

Designed by Il-mo Ahn and SoYeon Park of Konkuk University Seoul

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Lean On Me

The Lean On Me is an umbrella designed to lean against a wall without tipping over. Cut to an optimum leaning angle, the Lean On Me features a stable shape and nonslip silicon material. It also features a touch of color to provide aesthetic appeal.

Designed by Cheol-woong Seo and Jae-hee Park of Hong-Ik University

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Ointment-tips are safe, portable, clean and easy-to-use medical supplies designed to treat injuries on the go and in emergency situations where the user has to act swiftly. As a disposable product, it has no external contact with the user and can be thrown away when finished.

Designed by Jin Bo Ra, Hong Yea Ji, Park Gee Yeon and Jo Min Ji of Hannam University

Contact: Gee Yeon Park -



BIO-CLEANER prevents the deterioration of the ocean environment from oil spills. The system consists of a bacteria tank that breaks down pollutants in the water, a biosensor that detects and tracks the pollutants to help prevent them from spreading, and an acoustic wave device that expels animals from the pollutants to protect them from harm.

Designed by Hsiang-Han Hsu of Fortune Institute of Technology and Yih-Wenn Luo of National Cheng Kung University      

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MOSTRAP is a mosquito trap for the home. It uses a mixture of yeast and sugar to produce carbon dioxide. The mosquitoes enter the device in search of the source of the carbon dioxide. Once inside, they are trapped in an inner chamber, and an electric mesh on the wall of the chamber electrocutes the mosquitoes once they land on it.

Designed by Vishakan Shivasubramaniam of DSK ISD International School of Design

Contact: Guillaume Penanguer -


Pumping Screw Blender

The Pumping Screw Blender features a screw mechanism that enables the user to blend easily without using electricity. With its unique pumping mechanism, it can be used anytime, anywhere. It is light and portable and also doubles as a to-go tumbler.

Designed by Bong Gyeom Kim of Cheongju University

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