Student Designs

U Bowl

The U Bowl is a cooking pot designed with a special U-shaped silicone part on the side that enables the user to simply clean both sides of a cooking spoon without wasting food. The flexibility of the silicone part also enables the user to hold the bowl while using it.

Designed by Jeho Yoon of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Contact: Jeho Yoon -


E-catch Net

The E-catch Net is a virtual insect-catching net designed to capture insects with digital scanning technology. It works by scanning the insect and creating a 3D paper model of its likeness. The E-catch Net enables children to enjoy insect catching without having to kill insects.

Designed by Zhang Cheng, Tuo Jin, Ling-En Wang, Xiao-Neng Jin, An-Qi Yao, Prof. Ren Peng, Li-Bin Hao, You Zeng, Xiao-Long Lou, Jun-Ye Tao, Yu-Han Liao, Jian Shi, Yi-Lin Chen, Yi Hu and Ke Li of Zhejiang University

Contact: Xiao-Neng Jin -


Hyperion - Miner's Helmet

The Hyperion Miner’s Helmet is designed to endure the tough conditions and long hours experienced by the modern mining operator. It features adjustable lights for working and walking, head-up display with vital work/vehicle information, an extra layer of shock-absorbing foam and an in-ear radio with active noise cancellation.

Designed by Kim Enig Risager of Umeå Institute of Design for Boliden AB and Atlas Copco.

Contact: Kim Enig Risager -



The hydrologic is a closed-loop laundry-care system designed to clean and care for dirty clothes and clothes that simply need to be freshened up. It features two sections: The bottom section serves as a traditional washer/dryer and the top section as a steam and ultraviolet cleaning and sterilizing solution.

Designed by William van Beek of Umeå Institute of Design for Whirlpool

Contact: William van Beek -


Dynapac Red Carpet

The Dynapac Red Carpet is an electric-powered paver that can repair asphalt roads on the move without disrupting traffic: cars simply drive over the repair zone while a process called Hot-In-Place Recycling takes place underneath. The reclaimed asphalt is then lifted into the machine, mixed with a small amount of fresh binder and paved back onto the road.

Designed by Gosha Galitsky of Umeå Institute of Design for Atlas Copco

Contact: Alex Liebert -


ERGONIUM - Personal head protection for miners

The ERGONIUM - Personal head protection for miners is a miner's helmet designed to minimize work-related injuries and prevent irreversible vertebrae damage. It provides both head protection and comfort during long work hours. It features a balanced weight distribution, which reduces stress, load and fatigue.

Designed by Maxime (Dax) Dubreucq of Umea Institute of Design

Contact: Maxime Dubreucq -



The 15minutes lamp enables users to slowly fall asleep to a darkening room. Before going to sleep, users invert 15minutes. Sand flows down the glass, slowly covering the lighting section to create a darkening environment. Users can adjust the time of the sand at 15-minute intervals. When the sand flows down completely, the power is automatically switched off by the weight of the sand.

Designed by Lee Hye mi, Lee Hye min and Sun hwa jung of Sookmyung Women's University

Contact: Hye mi Lee -


Tell me, mirror

Designed to cheer up its user, the Tell me, mirror features a digital voice that asks, “Who is the most beautiful in the world?” With its varying lighting frame, the mirror has a magical, mythical charm to it. It provides the user with an opportunity to look through a mirror with a different more positive perspective.

Designed by Yoori Koo of Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Contact: Yoori Koo -


Accurate Throwing

Accurate Throwing was designed remove the danger to referees and measuring staff during javelin events. It also features precise measuring and computing technology for accurate measurements of the javelin throw. It has an embedded electronic system that precisely locates the starting and landing points.

Designed by Haimo Bao, Wenqiang Zhou, Zhixun Jin, Kun Xu, Song Qiao, Ran Li, Meiyan Li, Jiaqi Wang, Xinyi Li and Huanle Li of School of Design, Dalian Nationalities University; Bai Xue of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Contact: Wenqiang Zhou -


Diverse Sunshade

The Diverse Sunshade is a multifunctional shade for the beach, summertime or any day with an abundance of sun. It is designed with foldable edges that can be pulled down to form a changing room, tent or simply a retreat from the sun.

Designed by Haimo Bao, Weihua Zhang, Jiwei Huang, Rui Zhang, Kun Xu, Song Qiao, Yong Jiang, Xirui Hou, Jiaxuan Ma, Jiacheng Bao and Ying Wang of School of Design, Dalian Nationalities University

Contact: Jiwei Huang -