Student Designs


Based on the theories of natural succession and nucleation techniques, the Nucleario project is a geoengineering concept for forest restoration in degraded areas. Nucleario was designed to be 100 percent biodegradable and perform multiple functions, such as protection from the ants, water accumulation, shade for the seedlings and crowning of the invasive species. With the growth of the Nucleario unit, the forest fragments begin to interconnect and exchange genetic material, moving toward a dynamic balance independent of human action.

Credits: Designer: Bruno Pagnoncelli (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil), Professor: Augusto Seibel, University: PUC-Rio (Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro)
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Gig Pack

Gig Pack is a scooter backpack for the daily use. Unlike conventional folding bikes and scooters, it can be carried on the back, allowing the user to have both hands free. This also makes it more convenient when getting on the bus or subway. It is perfect for college students, people who live in big cities and users of public transportation. Gig Pack is a great way to avoid traffic and a greener way to move.

Credits: Gustavo Brenck of FUMEC University ( Brazil )                  


Blu - Musical Instrument for Children

Blu is a musical instrument for children. Drawing inspiration from a musical keyboard, it reinvents the idea of keys and presents itself as a highly modular, versatile product. By positioning the movable keys, the user can determine the note and the instant in time in which they are to be played. Blu provides an experience analogous to that of playing with building blocks; by playing with the keys, the child understands advanced concepts and acquires a good sense of timing and improvisation.

Credits: Eric Pautz of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul             
Contact: Eric Pautz:   


Beach Trashcan

The main challenge of this project was to decrease the amount of trash left on the beach and increase the recycling of coconuts. Lixeira de Praia is a beach trash can that collects discarded coconuts shells separately from other trash so that the coconut fibers can be reused as raw material in industrial processes. In addition, its functional clean design makes the trash can more attractive.

Credits: Augusto Ribeiro, Daniel Araujo e Daniel Lole of UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - Brazil); and teacher Beany Monteiro of UFRJ.          
Contact: Augusto Ribeiro:  


Lendas Gaúchas - Folklore of the State of Rio Grande do Sul

The Lendas Gaúchas project is aimed at promoting the folklore of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. In order to obtain a spontaneous aesthetic, the top 10 legends of the state were told to children, who in turn represented them through drawings. A set of icons symbolizing each legend was designed upon careful analysis of the drawings. Making use of the colors of the state’s flag, a product family was developed that includes books, posters, t-shirts, toy art and a booklet.

Credits: Rafael Wagner Poloni, Eric Pautz and Grazielle Bruscato Portella of Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul                                                          
Contact: Rafael Wagner Poloni:


immune (vaccination-aid program)

Immune is a smartphone-based record-management system for community health-care workers to increase vaccinations in developing countries. A QR code embedded on a pendent that is worn by a child interacts with the smartphone app to record the child’s vaccination information. Keying the information to each child’s pendant makes it very easy for both parents and health-care workers to take care of the child’s vaccination needs.

Credits: Virginia Tech and Peter Beegle
Contact: Peter Beegle:


LaXmi- Educational Tool

LaXmi is a hands-on visual educational system derived from a traditional Indian floor game Chaupar. It was designed to introduce illiterate women to the concept micro-financing. By allowing women to physically experience a simulation of micro-financing, they will be better able to save and invest small earnings that will grow exponentially through collaboration with other group members.

Credits: Virginia Tech, Lina Garada, Kees Luyendijk, Oscar Salguero, and Design for the Bottom of the Pyramid Students 2010-2012
Contact: Lina Garada:


The E.Clar is a transformation from a classic woodwind instrument into a digital practice piece. The placement of keys and holes is maintained in order to create an authentic practice experience, while the rest of the instrument is compacted to improve portability and cost. The E.Clar wirelessly controls any computer (PC, tablet or smartphone), which outputs the sound and can give feedback.

Credits: University of Oregon and Andrew Lindley
Contact: Andrew Lindey:



Fulcrum is a crutch that also transforms into a cane, therefore extending the usability of the product in the post-injury recovery process. The four different adjustments, including the pivoting mechanism, are designed provide maximum comfort to the user. Its timeless design allows Fulcrum to accompany its user for a lifetime.

Credits: Purdue University and Arman Kirim
Contact: Arman Kirim:


Connect: Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Aimed at improving the health of diabetic patients, Connect is a personalized management device that collects, records and organizes data into easily interpreted visual outputs. Based on a variety of parameters, individual results are placed into sections to be easily interpreted. The passive ability to review trends and testing information provides a unique way for diabetics to be active participants in their own well-being.

Credits: University of Alberta and Erin Cochrane
Contact: Erin Cochrane: