Student Designs

Strait Power

Strait Power is a concept for harvesting energy from flowing water. This concept can provide a new industry and power to Detroit. With Detroit leading the way in this hydroelectric concept, it can show the world how to empower its people, carbon free. Inspired by the basking shark, Strait Power makes vast improvements over traditional turbine blades.

Credits: Anthony Reale of the College for Creative Studies

Contact: Anthony Reale:

LEOTUS A/C - Innovation in Home Conditioner

LEOTUS A/C is a modular home air-conditioner that offers smarter energy consumption. It will benefit users by the restored use of windows, easier installation, modern aesthetics and quiet operation. The double loop system separates its working parts into two units linked together by a connector. The outdoor unit generates a cold temperature while the indoor unit stores and dispenses cold air inside.

Credits: Eunice Jiye Kim and Yang Yi He of Rhode Island School of Design and Katherine Hearty, Ploipailin Flynn, Beeni Mathew, Steven Hazeltine, Andre Dev, Andrea Hunter of Brown University

Contact: Eunice Jiye Kim:


Ear MIKI is an accessory that prevents cellphones from falling and breaking and earphones from getting lost. By inserting their finger in the ring shape, users can easily and securely carry their phone in their hand. Earphones are stored inside Ear MIKI; simply unfurl when they are needed.

Credits: Jun Hyun Kim, Byeol Shim and Young Jun Kim of Yongin University (South Korea)

Contact: Jun Hyun Kim:

In & Out Door

The In & Out Door helps people determine whether to push or pull the door by directing them to flatten either a protrusion or a hollow on the door. A push panel and pull handle are combined into a set and move organically at the same time. A spring is attached to push panel that returns to its original state.

Credits: Hwansoo Jeon of sadi (South Korea)

Contact: Hwansoo Jeon:


Heronsbill is a light based on the form of a clock. In the daytime, the hour hand is replaced by a beam of light and the minute hand represented as a dot of light. As soon as it gets dark, all the beams of light representing the time interval from that moment until midnight automatically turn on and are extinguished in turn as time passes, gradually dimming the light in the room. After midnight, the beams of light of the corresponding time interval will be turned on one by one gradually brightening the room.

Credits: Wenting Guo of Beihang University (China) and Zhaoyi Yin of University of Cincinnati

Contact: Wenting Guo:

eco book

Recognizing that low use is more eco-friendly than recycling or reuse, eco-book promotes the reduction in the use of shopping bags. The book itself has an integrated handle. With eco book, consumers don’t need a shopping bag to their carry books. Just unfold the inside flaps and grab the handle.

Credits: Eunhyung Lee, Seulki Jeong and  Eunkyeong Jeong of Seoul National University of Science and Technology (South Korea)

Contact: Eunhyung Lee:


Light Breath

In critical situations in public, such as in subways, when dense dust or smoke can make it difficult to breathe or see, people often panic, not knowing how to escape. The design of Light Breath is similar to a snorkel respirator to help people recognize how to use it intuitively. They simply hold it between their teeth to breathe in clean air. The attached LED on the front is turned on by the pressure of biting the device, giving people use of both of their hands.

Credits: Ju Jieun, Lee Jaebin and Choi Woojoo of Samsung Art & Design Institute (South Korea)

Contact: Lee Jaebin:

Color Elite (E-Swatches)

Color Elite is a user-friendly system of electronic swatches that integrate the traditional paper swatches into modern e-paper technology. By interfacing with the Internet, uses can access the latest color information, eliminating the inconvenience of housing a library of paper swatches and reducing paper waste.

Credits: Liao-Hsun Chen of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

Contact: Liao-Hsun Chen:

Rescue Breather

The Rescue Breather is designed to safely assist the untrained rescuer with CPR. It supplies the victim with oxygen to prevent brain damage and death until emergency services arrive. The Rescue Breather has only a few simple controls and a mostly automated system that allow anyone to be able to use it, especially in panic situations.

Credits: Andrew Clemenson of Purdue University

Contact: Andrew Clemenson:

Nine - Shared (paternal) Antenatal Growth

As a point of focus for information sharing, Nine helps fathers to share in the pregnancy in a new way. The light on outer surface of Nine grows over nine months, developing as the baby grows, while the base can detect and separate the faster frequency of the growing baby’s heartbeat. The father can place Nine on the mother’s stomach and view a real-time simulation of the heartbeat and fetal movement, creating a tangible connection for the father.

Credits: Laurie William G Howell of Loughborough University (United Kingdom)

Contact: Laurie Howell: