Student Designs

INNSAEI Scuba Diving Mask

INNSAEI is a scuba diving mask that increases communication capabilities between divers. With this mask, if two divers are out of the recommended safety range from each other, an aquamarine-colored light is illuminated on the edge of both dive masks. With the push of a button, a diver in danger can grab their diving buddy's attention, and both masks light up in red. Integrated in the floatation-capable mask is a redesigned skirt that lessens pressure on the diver's face.

Designed by: Juliette Laroche of University of Houston


Leveled Induction Cooktop

When cooking with multiple pots at the same time, it can be difficult for each to be properly positioned on the cooktop. The Leveled Induction Cooktop solves this problem by leveraging the hidden space between pans by arranging the burners more efficiently and adapting different levels on each. The Leveled Induction Cooktop not only offers the function of an induction cooktop but improves the convenience and usability of it.

Designed by: Jaewan Choi of Samsung Design Membership



Dementia is one of the biggest global public health challenges with about 44 million people affected worldwide in 2014. MatchLink investigates non-pharmacological interventions to cognitively stimulate the senses of people with dementia. It creates a game that combines the benefits from cognitive and sensory tasks to increase functional ability and promote cognitive stimulation. MatchLink incorporates sensory, visual, memory, precision, co-ordination, orientation and creative skills to stimulate cognitive processing and motor skills through tactile and visual means.

Designed by: Cassandra Seah of Nanyang Technological University for Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Contact: cassandra.seah@hotmail.com


Miko is a professional welding robot for small-scale metal workshops designed to work in a close collaboration with the welder. Small-scale metal workshops compete with larger production facilities by being able to offer flexibility. This requires them to have an agile process and equipment that is efficient and easy to set up. Miko aims to bring automation into small-scale metal workshops. With Miko in on the team, users can avoid health risks caused by exposure to harmful fumes, strenuous positions and UV light. Miko finishes the job while the welder is planning for the next one, increasing efficiency and safety.

Designed by: Ahsen Gülsen, Jon Sommarström and Jakob Dawod of Umeå Institute of Design, in collaboration with ABB Corporate Research

Contact: gulsenahsen@gmail.com

Mobile Island

Mobile Island combines a modular wireless charger 'Ground' and a wireless charging device 'Building' to create a DIY wireless charging environment at home. The existing wireless charger was recognized as an auxiliary means to charge the smartphone by focusing on products and functions, not on usability. However, Mobile Island added a wooden tray on the existing charger to enhance its usability and modular design to cope with its various usage environments, thus securing originality as an electronic product.

Designed by: Jaewan Choi, Soyoung Ko, Daehyun Kim, Daegwan Kim and Won Jang of Moa



Rubu is a low-cost shippable playground for children in the Syrian refugee crisis that seeks to alleviate war trauma through play. Compared to basic needs like food, shelter and water, play is often dismissed as a luxury for kids in emergency situations when, in actuality, children dealing with psychological trauma from war need play more than ever. Inspired by pop-up books, Rubu makes play accessible in any situation by utilizing inexpensive easy-to-ship cardboard material that expands into a pop-up playground.

Designed by: Hanbi Ko of ArtCenter College of Design

Contact: hko2@inside.artcenter.edu

Smart Paperweight

With the Smart Paperweight, the over 1,000-year-old paperweight has taken on a new function. Designed for calligraphy beginners, it makes practicing calligraphy easy. Modern laser projection technology combined with a smartphone projects the lettering on rice paper. It can also project an animation for beginners to follow demonstrating the order in which each letter should be written. Smart Paperweight connects technology with culture, providing a new and interesting way to learn calligraphy, and connects more people to calligraphy and new cultures. The simplistic nature of the design was chosen to demonstrate that calligraphy is easy to learn.

Designed by: Yan Wang, Xuefan Yan and Yali Wang of Zhejiang University


Stance Prosthesis: Beauty, Function, Affordability

Stance is a low-cost functional, customizable knee prosthesis and lower limb fairing. When an amputee has had a transfemoral amputation (between the knee and hip), they need a prosthesis that replicates the thigh, knee, shin/calf and foot. The Simple Limb Initiative wanted a prosthesis that is affordable and is robust enough for the variable terrain in Colombia. Stance is manufactured using techniques that are easily accessible to the client in Columbia, such as wood bending, casting, fiberglass forming, leather forming, painting wood and leather dying. The foot prosthesis provides the feel of a natural gait through the layered elastomeric materials and the shape of the ankle and heel parts in concert with a foot bed inspired by skateboards. Sandwiching a flexible structural bentwood part between molded parts creates a springy but stable gait that propels the amputee forward while allowing for natural pronation and supination.

Designed by: Anthony Ta, Brendan Ngo and Darren Manuel of San José State University for Simple Limb Initiative

Contact: anthonyta91@yahoo.com

The Urbanette, A Home Like No Other

The Urbanette is a patent-pending design for a modular tiny-home dollhouse that lets kids make believe anything, anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Just larger than a Happy Meal, it carries up to five collapsible rooms that unfold into any space imaginable, from kitchens and bedrooms to stages and airplanes. The modularity allows rooms to be replaced, swapped with friends, collected or returned. Thus a child can update the content of their perfect make-believe home to match their rapidly changing interests. With its biodegradable plastic construction, parents can replace rooms without the guilt of excess waste. The collapsible design means more efficient product shipment, shelf display and user storage. The portability means kids can take their dollhouse on the go. Playing with this tiny home will introduce kids to the experience of sustainable living so they can become the responsible adults of tomorrow.

Designed by: Charlie Hodges of ArtCenter College of Design, project sponsored by Mattel


Travel Kit

The Travel Kit includes small cosmetic electronics that are essential for long trips wrapped in a minimalistic package. When traveling, convenience and portability are crucial, but the appliances used at home are too bulky. The Travel Kit solves this problems. It is made up of a dryer module, a toothbrush module, a shaving module, and an electric cord and smartphone battery module. It has been a long-lasting challenge to produce hair dryers, shavers and toothbrushes that are reasonably sized and shaped and that can work in concert. Travel Kit accomplishes this goal.

Designed by: Jaewan Choi of Samsung Design Membership