Student Designs


Ville is a street bike that answers urban commuter needs.  This bicycle incorporates a folding design that allows for storage in tight areas that are not suitable for standard bikes (such as the office or on a subway).  However, when folded, Ville also doubles as a cart.  The bike then becomes a tool to the user, allowing them to perform tasks such as grocery shopping, which could not be accomplished with a standard bicycle.  This also allows the bicycle to stay with the user, avoiding the need to leave the bike unattended and reducing the risk of theft.

Contact: Hyujake Chang:

Credit: Hyuk-Jae Chang of Auburn University



LEOTUS A/C is a modular home air-conditioner that offers smarter energy consumption. It will benefit users by the restored use of windows, easier installation, modern aesthetics and quiet operation. The double loop system separates its working parts into two units linked together by a connector. The outdoor unit generates a cold temperature while the indoor unit stores and dispenses cold air inside.

Moen Loft Bathroom Workstation

Moen Loft Bathroom Workstation

Moen Loft is an integrated bathroom workstation primarily targeted at first-time home buyers and remodelers who live in small urban spaces, have a fast life pace and want an easy solution. This all-in-one bathroom workstation, along with free installation service provided by Moen, makes the purchasing and installation experience totally hassle free. Features such as a customizable shelf system, water-saving faucet, integrated power outlet and easy access ‘P-trap” make it suitable for small urban living spaces and easy to use and maintain. A selection of colors allows customers to match their decorating scheme.

Solista Digital Interface Musical Instrument

Solista Digital Interface Musical Instrument

Solista is a digital instrument that uses a variety of sounds and techniques to create a layered mixed song. Furthermore, songs can be simultaneously created and shared by different users when Solista is connected to an iPhone, and they can be recorded in digital format without the need for microphones. Solista is a MIDI instrument that uses a variety of sounds and techniques to create a layered mixed song; melodies are layered with the melody neck, rhythms with the beat pads, and different musical genres of the melodies and/or beats are controlled with the buttons next to the iPhone on the headstock. Each melody or beat can be looped so the performer can focus on the subsequent layer of the song. Furthermore, songs can be simultaneously created and shared by different users when Solista is connected to an iPhone, creating a “Network Band,” which can also be recorded in digital format (microphones are not necessary).

Funktion Portable Skate Helmet

Funktion Portable Skate Helmet

The FunKtion portable skate helmet was inspired by key findings based on observations that revealed a major unmet need. The research also revealed that simplicity was the key aesthetic of the true skate culture. The helmet is fastened and unfastened like a corset: The user pulls a bungee-like cord, allowing the plates to interlock and creating a tight and impact-protective shell around the head.

This collapsible skate helmet is for street skaters and pure skate enthusiasts who are looking for portability and style. It was inspired by key findings based on observation, revealing this major unmet need. The research also revealed the demand for simplicity was the key aesthetic of the true skate culture; explorations of skate culture and fashion led to the design.

Nestr Sustainable Modular Bedding System

Nestr Sustainable Modular Bedding System

Nestr is a healthy lifestyle and behavior changer: It is a modular bedding system that facilitates customers’ making sustainable choices and minimizing environmental impact without compromising comfort, hygiene, or size. Molded bamboo spring structures replace the bed furniture, box springs, and metal springs of the regular mattress. A five inch natural latex foam pad sits on top of the bamboo structure to give comfort.

The modular system allows the changing of the bed size by adding an extra Nestr rather than disposing of the whole bed and purchasing a new one. When the modular units are not needed any longer, they can be used as outdoor furniture. A 3D spacer polyester fabric cover allows easy ventilation, and can be washed for a healthy sleeping environment. Since there is no commingled material, Nestr can be easily recycled after its life cycle.

The Empowerment Plan

The Empowerment Plan is a humanitarian project that creates jobs for those who desire them and coats for those who need them at no cost. The Element S Coat is self-heated and waterproof and transforms into a sleeping bag at night. Homeless women would be paid minimum wage, fed and housed to create these coats for those living on the streets. The goal is to empower, employ, educate and instill pride. What is important are the people, not the products.

"A remarkably well considered design from start to finish.  The Empowerment Plan not only addresses the urgent needs of the homeless for warmth and shelter, it looks beyond the immediate, to provide long term job training and job creation - all while enabling and allowing people to remain self reliant." – Ed Dorsa, IDSA, Assistant Director School of Architecture & Design, Associate Professor of Industrial Design, Virginia Tech

Credit: Veronika Scott of The College for Creative Studies

Contact: Veronika Scott:

facts+patterns: Infografische Muster im Alltag (Translated: Infographical Patterns in Everyday Life)

The facts+patterns project consists of various everyday objects that all have one thing in common: They convey valuable facts via their decors and patterns and thereby enable an innovative and vivid access to different subjects in everyday life. For instance, the infographic pattern on a dress can convey information about working conditions and low labor costs in many garment-producing countries.

Credits: Christian Busse of HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences) (Germany)

Contact: Christian Busse:

Medical Shower

Medical Shower not only functions as a regular showerhead, it also helps take care of the skin. Designed with a compartment to hold traditional Chinese medicine, this showerhead enables water to be infused with nourishing herbal remedies as it flows out. The medicinal parcel is inserted into the plastic cover on the front of the showerhead, making a medicinal shower as easy as making a cup of tea.

Credits: Mang Xia, Xiaoneng Jin, Linghan Liu of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (China); Fangtian Ying, Shijian Luo, Ke Li, Fan Yang, Qingyuan Chen, Shiyi Shao, Sisi Yuan, Zhening Luo, Yi Liu, Yiwu Qiu and Xin Sun of Zhejiang University (China) and Tian Tan of Sichuan University (China)

Contact: Li Ke:

The ReCoil Workout System

The ReCoil Workout System combines two existing fitness products: a dumbbell and a resistance band. A resistance band is coiled up inside each pod, which are color-coated based on their level of resistance. Each pod can screw onto either the specially designed dumbbell or curl bar, allowing the users to customize their own dumbbell by screwing on the desired pods.

Credits: Emron Jackson Henry and Professor Bryan Howell, IDSA of Brigham Young University

Contact: Emron Henry: