Student Designs

Transformable Earphones

These cord-adjustable earphones can be transformed from the regular type into the earring type, allowing for use in different situations, from every day life to sports. The earphone cord is adjustable and transformable itself without any other accessories added. These earphones are more portable than existing earring-type earphones, and everyone can use them, regardless of individual ear size.  

Contact: Yong Lee:

Credit: Yong Lee of Konkuk University & i-SOUND (South Korea) for i-SOUND Co., Ltd of South Korea

Waste Bin

Stepping on the pedal makes the bin open toward you, yet the cover remains stationary. This natural motion is emphasized through a graphic division of color and material.

Contact: Grace Lee:

Credit: Grace Youngeun Lee of Cranbrook Academy of Art

Write? Light!

Write? Light! is a portable, lightweight, energy-saving bedside lamp with an intuitive mechanism which adapts to people's behavior and nighttime habits. When people lie down on their bed, they tend to think of things to do tomorrow or new ideas for projects. However, the closest light switch may be far away. You can turn this lamp on by picking up the pencil; write down a memo and turn the light off by putting back the pencil. 

Contact: Jaeun Park:

Credit: Jaeun Park of Frabrica (Italy)

Numlock Handle

The Numlock Handle is an analog handle with a dial-type lock. It is an intuitive design and very functional. Users can simply turn the dial to set the number and open the door, and the numbers on the dial can also be written in Braille for the vision-impaired.

Contact: Jaeseok Han:

Credit: Jaeseok Han of Samsung Art & Design Institute (South Korea)


Ladders, scaffolds or work stands play an important role on work sites, but they're usually only used as "foot stands."  The idea behind this concept is to provide both storage and standing space in the work site, increasing safety and efficiency.

Contact: Sungi Kim:

Credit: Sungi Kim, JunHyuck Choi and HangSuk Lee of University of Seoul (South Korea)


This is the design for a container for people with poor vision, senior citizens whose hands tremble severely, and anyone who complains of inconvenience when refilling shampoo or detergent containers. The upper part of the product package is made of silicon rubber, and has been inverted so that it can play the role of a layer when using refill products.

Contact: Jinsoo Cho:

Credit: Jinsoo Cho and Jiae Moon of Chosun University (South Korea)


ONEDOWN is a humane rat trap.  The trap rests precariously in a horizontal position on a circular foot. Bait inside would lure the rat into the trap, a metal insert in the base coupled with the weight of the rat will tip the trap and bring it to a vertical position indicating that a rat has been trapped.  Then the rat can be released instead of killed.

"This is a charming concept of a humane mouse trap. We loved the simple idea, and how the problem is elegantly solved. There is a place for poetry in the great design."  --Fumi Watanabe, Starbucks

Contact: Phillipe Vahe:

Credit: Aakash Dewan of DSK ISD International School of Design (India)



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980 TATOU - sport shoe for Le Parkour

980 TATOU is a shoe for the urban sport Le Parkour, an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible by using only the abilities of your body to overcome obstacles, like concrete walls, balustrades and rocks.  In most cases, people who do Le Parkour often have to use shoes designed for other purposes like running, skating, etc., but when used for Le Parkour, those shoes have to face quite different circumstances, resulting in the shoes wearing out very quickly.    The structure of the 980 TATOU responds to the unique movements performed in the sport, and its several detachable parts as well as its new lacing system allow for easy exchange, washing and customization of the shoe itself.

"A novel, practical and poetic solution to the specific needs of this exciting, balletic, sport. We were impressed by the level of research and the way in which it was beautifully applied. It made me want to jump off buildings!"  --Hugo Eccles, Studio Conran

Contact: Annika Lüber:

Credit: Annika Lüber of University of Applied Science - Schwäbisch Gmünd (Germany)



All 2010 IDEA Student Winners

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CAS Air System

The CAS Air System is a breathing mask for firefighters. Firefighters face much greater risk for many types of cancer, including testicular and prostate cancer. They also have a higher risk of having children with congenital heart disease.  These risks increase when they do not use the SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus).  The CAS Air System allows firefighters to breathe easier than with a filter mask, and facilitates communication through the transparent window and a voice amplifier. A tube with compressed air kicks in automatically if the carbon monoxide level suddenly increases and warns the firefighter with a signal.

"A mature design, well considered and thoroughly thought through. We were impressed by the depth of research, and the professional way the insights were applied to the end result. A very convincing piece of industrial design."  --Hugo Eccles, Studio Conran

Contact: Malin Grummas:

Credit: Malin Grummas of Umeå Institute of Design (Sweden)



All 2010 IDEA Student Winners

All 2010 IDEA Gold Student Winners

All 2010 IDEA Silver Student Winners

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Wheelchairs have been essential transport devices for people who are injured or disabled. Unfortunately, they don't easily facilitate moving from bed to wheelchair or vice-versa, even for patients who can fully use their upper body. ezSlide is a low-cost and user-centered wheelchair which enables transfer to bed without assistance of others, primarily for wheelchair users that have use of their upper body. It has a unique double-track structure with oil pressure cylinders engaged with the seat and backrest to amplify the human force. It will not only free caregivers from the need for intense supervision, but also give individuals greater independence, confidence and self-esteem.

Contact: Sungjoon Kim:

Credit: Sungjoon Kim of KAIST (South Korea)