Student Designs

INSIC wall socket

If you notice energy being wasted, you would naturally try to conserve it. While the INSIC wall socket does not insist you pull out the plug, it informs the user of the amount of electricity used in a quiet manner which will encourage the user to pull out the plug. Furthermore, the socket uses the remainder of the energy so that there will be no additional energy wasted.

Contact: Muhyeon Kim:

Credit: Muhyeon Jake Kim of Sejong University (South Korea)

Eco Friendly Toothbrush Sanitizers Charcoal

The charcoal toothbrush sterilizer is an environmentally-friendly product that uses the characteristics of charcoal, an environmentally-friendly material, to protect a toothbrush from harmful bacteria or viruses. All the user has to do is place their toothbrush on the holder. Compared to other sterilizers, this product ensures zero risk of a short circuit or electric shock, thereby allowing easy and safe use.

Contact: Yoon Tae Myoung:

Credit: Yoon Tae Myoung and Kim Sung Hun of Kyungwon University (South Korea)


Accidents happen if you become distracted while ironing; you can ruin your clothes and/or cause a fire from the hot iron.  This product was designed to resemble a tumbling doll, which always righted itself when pushed down.  If you take your hand off the iron, it will immediately rock upright, keeping the heated portion off the floor or surface you're ironing on.

Contact: Sangyong Park:

Credit: Sangyong Park, Jungmin Park, Sunwoo Hwang and Kyungkwon Kim of Keimyung University (South Korea)

Toy Guardian

The Toy Guardian is a toy box on wheels.  This nice monster is protector of your toys; feed him before bedtime or other bad monsters will come and steal your treasure away when you're asleep.  With a little storytelling, parents will find it easy to persuade their children to clean up their messy toys spontaneously.

Contact: Tzung-Yu Lu:

Credit: Tzung-Yu Lu of National Taiwan Tech (Taiwan)

Remax snowboard boot

These snowboard boots remedy the ankle-support problem with a shoelace that wraps around the entire foot, similar to ballet shoes. The boot and the foot are tightly bound together, preventing serious injuries, because this minimizes extra space in the boot. Overlapping sections on the exterior of the boot mimic bandages that are worn underneath ballet shoes for more protection.

Contact: Katherine Bennett:

Credit: James Yoo of Art Center College of Design

Project: Latrine Design

The product is a low cost, logistically feasible, no touch, open/closed latrine specifically designed for parts of the developing world that squat to defecate, including much of sub-Saharan Africa, India and parts of Southeast Asia. The design also reframes the latrine from a mere defecation location to a renewable source of fertile compost while addressing known user pain points to incentivize use.

Contact: Juan-David Quiñones:

Credit: Juan-David Quiñones of Art Center College of Design

ECHOchole Surgical Imaging System

The echoCHOLE Surgical Imaging System is a low-profile, hands-free device designed for use in the operating room to improve the success rate of minimally-invasive gallbladder removals (laparoscopic cholecystectomies).  These procedures are the leading cause of malpractice claims against general surgeons due to the frequent occurrence of adverse events during the procedure, such as damage to the common bile duct.  The value of this system lies in its potential to minimize the risk of adverse events by providing the surgeon with an enhanced, annotated 4D image which maximizes the surgeon's spatial understanding of the surgical site.

Contact: Alexander Broerman:

Credit; Alex Broerman of University of Cincinnati for Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

Angel Wings

The week following large intestine cancer surgery is the hardest and most painful time for patients and their nurses.  Patients need to continually change their body position to allow for blood circulation and prevent bedsores, yet they are unable to change position without assistance and a great deal of pain.   And any time they do move, they need to deal with numerous tubes from medical devices.  Angel Wings is an inflatable mat which provides cushion for patients changing their body position, and it also features an opening through which tubes can be run, allowing for fewer tangles and less discomfort.

Contact: Do Heon Kim:

Credit: Do-Heon Kim, Byung-joon Lee, Roh Gina and Ji-eun Park of Korea University (South Korea)

Luxy Vespa Helmet

Luxy is a women's motorcycle helmet for commuting and casual motorcycle riding. Its purpose is to increase helmet use. As many riders are female, the distinctive and unique look sets it apart from existing helmets, proving that style and safety can coexist.

Contact: Katherine Bennett:

Credit: Daniel Shih-Tung Chang of Art Center College of Design

Dew bank

The onymacris unguicularis is a desert-dwelling insect that creates dewdrops using its body and then drinks them.  The "Dew bank" was inspired by this habit; the huge daily temperature range of a desert transforms moisture in the air into dewdrops, which the bank collects, providing convenience to desert residents who usually have to look hard for water.    

Contact: Ki-Tae Park:

Credit: Pak Kitae of Seoul National University of Technology (South Korea)