Student Designs

Energy Seed

Energy Seed is a collection bin for batteries that uses leftover power to light the attached LED streetlamps. The design’s aesthetic takes its cue from a flowering plant. When people deposit their batteries, it is akin to planting a seed that later, when it’s dark, turns into a flower. It also encourages people to discard their batteries in a responsible manner.

"Energy Seed is a beautiful idea which really opens the public's eyes to the pollution discarded batteries can cause if they're not fully recycled."

--Rosario Costa, creative director, LEGO System A/S (Denmark)

Contact: Sungwoo Park: Credit: Sungwoo Park of Samsung Design Membership/Kookmin University (South Korea) and Sunhee Kim of Chung-Ang University (South Korea) Client:

Cheers Menstrual Cup

Cheers cup is an earth-friendly, reusable alternative to disposable menstrual products. The design is chemical free, can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time and is reusable for up to 10 years.

"Good design solves problems. This was not a glamorous subject to tackle but one that requires many skills and sensitivities. Understanding the industrial and ecological impact of the current solution added to powerful communication of the total multidimensional meaning of the project. Very well done."

--Andrew Hartman, design director, new business, Philips Design (Netherlands)

Contact: Young Bang, IDSA: Credit: Young Bang, IDSA of Academy of Art University Client:

1881 'American Red Cross Fashion' Branding Strategy

1881 is a line of functional apparel and lifestyle consumer goods created to revitalize the brand image of the American Red Cross (ARC) with the message of "Active Caring."  ARC has close to 130 years of disaster response and preparedness since it was founded in 1881; however, ARC has faced challenges in reaching young generations, especially Generation X and Millennials. To help these generations practice the mindset of preparedness, these products are focused on daily safety and emergency readiness, so the consumers can be in control when unexpected events happen: emergency contacts/personal medical information on sleeves, scarf/gloves with a flat whistle attached, handkerchief/bandana with CPR instruction illustrations, etc.

Contact: Katherine Bennett:

Credit: Koo Ho Shin of Art Center College of Design for American Red Cross

Spirit: New-Generation Sustainable Automotive Seat

Spirit is a new-generation sustainable automotive seat developed by looking holistically at the life cycle of the materials and processes involved.  Research shows that the foam cushion and the metal frame in standard seats have the greatest environmental impact, making them a logical starting point for a new seat design. Inspired by human bone and muscle anatomy, as well as racing seat structures, the Spirit's efficient architecture mimics and cradles human curvatures, simultaneously providing support and comfort.

Contact: Katherine Bennett:

Credit: Magdalena Paluch of Art Center College of Design

Pico - The Projector Camera

Pico is a presentation companion for those in business and education who deliver presentations regularly.  It is a small, easy-to-use, portable projector that does not need a laptop.  It also has a camera that records every presentation it projects. And because the projector and camera are combined in Pico, it reduces the need to produce single-purpose devices that lack flexibility, lessening the impact on the environment.

Contact: Rene Woo-Ram Lee:

Credit: Rene Woo-Ram Lee of University of Cincinnati for LG Electronics (South Korea)

Future Living

The house for Future Living described here is not a house, per se, but a system of components that can create many houses.  Dwellings created with the system are far more than shelters--they are support systems conceived to help their inhabitants to grow as individuals physically, mentally and emotionally, and mature as members of the community and society.

Contact: Charles Owen:

Credit: Cornelia Bailey, Tanushree Bhat, Marilee Bowles Carey, Anthony Caspary, Eric Diamond, Xiaonan Huang, Reenu John, Na Rae Kim, Paolo Korre, Eugene Limb, Hsin-Cheng Lin, Miguel Angel Martinez, Nikhil Mathew, Elise Metzger, Mahdieh Salimi, Kshitij V. Sawant, Owen Schoppe, Jessica Striebich, Hannah Swart, Traci Thomas, Helen Tong, Sally Wong, Yixiu Wu, HyeKyung Yoo and Gene Young of IIT Institute of Design


This is a mini house for birds, providing small city birds with a shelter.  You can install it in a flower pot on a balcony, or just hang it from a tree branch, making it convenient for both urban and country environments. The shape of the top/bottom of the house is curved, so it can collect the rain water in either hanging from a balcony or a tree branch.

Contact: Phillippe Vahe:

Credit: Floriane Rousse Marquet of DSK ISD International School of Design (India)


Generally, domestic flush toilets are capable of handling both liquid and solid waste.  However, toilets often get dirty due to occasional urine "splatters."  The 2in1 concept combines the advantages of the flush toilet and the urinal, greater increasing comfort and cleanliness.  

Contact: Sihoe Kim:

Credit: Sihoe Kim of Kangwon National University (South Korea)

Lifelong crutches

Common crutches are not suitable for people impaired since birth because they don't have a wide range of choices. Lifelong crutches' height can be controlled as users grow. They lessen back pain from bending over and keep the gap between both sides from widening. The crutches help people move around freely so that they can do what they want without any restriction of movement.

Contact: Beom Sik Yoon:

Credit: Beomsik Yoon, Bohyuk Im, Soonho Jung, Eunsil Mok and Bomi Kim of Chung-ang University (South Korea)

NordicPul: All-Weather Women's Work Gloves

NordicPul outdoor gloves are used for light duty outdoor work during the winter season.  Designed specifically for women, the elastic cord sewn into the top of the glove controls tension around the hand, individually fitting every woman's hand.  The thin layers of Thinsulate and Hipora materials make the glove both flexible and waterproof.  The bright colors and graphic palm design mimic images of winter but also stand out to easily identify.

Contact: Heather Bybee:

Credit: Heather Bybee of Auburn University for Big Time Products