Student Designs

Alongside-Mutual Help Lifebuoy

Alongside-Mutual Help Lifebuoy is an efficient piece of sea rescue equipment that can increase the number of people who are rescued. Lifebuoy has changed the status of the traditional lifebuoy. When a shipwreck occurs, its four corners easily and quickly connect, enabling people to take care of each other. The stronger buoyant force of the Lifebuoy enables more people to climb onto it and increases the number of survivors. It also helps facilitates search and rescue for the maritime rescue team.

Designed by: Wei Liu and Xiaofei Cui of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry


Baby Care

Outside the home, mothers often find it difficult to be responsive to their baby’s needs because they can't find the right place. Baby Care allows mothers to change their baby’s diaper in a timely manner, can accommodate breastfeeding in private and can provide a place for mothers to store breast milk during work hours. Each Baby Care has its own set of routes throughout a city and would be available at popular times. When necessary, a mobile app can show mothers where to find Baby Care and estimate the time of arrival.

Designed by: Anran Xuan, Shichun Yu, Yeyuan Chen, Yunlong Wang and Haimo Bao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University and the 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corp.



Currently, no professional equipment is designed for tea harvesters. As a result, most of these farmers use improper equipment. In such a long-term situation, the quality of the tea produced will be affected and will result in physiological injuries to the harvesters. Designing and improving tea harvesters’ working condition is the major concept of bàntê, reducing the possibility of cutting injuries and muscle soreness. This product enhances the quality of tea and the overall sense of professional equipment.

Designed by: Jung-Hsuan Chen, Wan-Ru Zeng, Chi-Shan Tsai, Wei-Chia Weng, Yun-Hsuan Wu, Ya-Lin Chen and Yang-Kun Ou of bántê design for Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.



BEARPOLE is a medical IV pole that gives children a safe and joyful experience in a hospital. The bear-shaped riding toy has five wheels for stability, a portable adjustable-height pole and four hooks on the pole top that provide a secure place to hang IV bags. Children are able to move the IV pole easily using their feet wherever they need to go. The characteristic design of the bear eases children’s fear of the IV.

Designed by: Youbin Kim and Juhee Lim of SUPERBEAN and Hanyang University for Mom's Medi



The COZY table exists at the intersection of furniture and appliances, doing double duty as a both a side table and indoor air purifier. Because certain appliances can be eyesores in the living space, it only makes sense that certain products be camouflaged or hybridized into something that already exists. COZY’s straightforward aesthetic makes it a subtle accent to any bedroom or living room. As an added bonus, the top surface doubles as an induction charger for Android and late-model iPhones; it also has a built-in light. For minimalists or anyone looking to declutter, COZY an easy solution.

Designed by: Jinsu Du of Yonsei University



CUBE^3 is a modular housing system that addresses the needs of a variety of residents, from single adults to small families, and small retail spaces. The goal was to create a sustainable, integrated mixed-use development that includes affordable housing, mid-range units and small rented retail spaces. The modular approach provides the opportunity to grow or downsize housing by adding or subtracting units or amenities as a resident’s income or resources change. The home-building project was guided by a few core principles: accessibility to resources and support systems and a sense of community, connection and collaboration.

Designed by: Western Washington University Industrial Design, Class of 2018


Double Doors

Front loader and top loader washing machines have their own pros and cons. However, both require strain on the body— whether bending one’s knees or lifting one’s heels in order to remove clean laundry. In addition to a traditional top loader’s top lid, Double Doors added a flexible drum tilting function that allows the user to remove clean laundry at an easy 35-degree angle. And it’s not just the drum. The lid and control pad on the washing machine are also designed to face the user at the most comfortable 35-degree angle.

Designed by: Kinam Hwang, Beomsoo Lee, Jungho Kang and Hyeonseok Seo of Hoseo University


ENLIGHTEN Smart Desk Lamp

ENLIGHTEN is a smart desk lamp that allows users to transform their workspace from a small monitor screen to unlimited real space with tangible interactions. With increased access to a variety of digitized tools, users control their work and calendar app and check notes on the same screen. Switching between screens interrupts workflow. The ENLIGHTEN smart desk lamp consists of two adjustable projectors covering the wall and the desk separately and a depth camera that traces the user’s movements. By turning any surface into a smart surface, users are able to directly interact with a computer using their hands.

Designed by: Youju Lee and Yongjoon Jhoo of ArtCenter College of Design



Funny Chair

While traditional outdoor seating satisfies the need for a public resting place, it neglects the need for recreational facilities for entertainment. The Funny Chair combines seating with a seesaw. By turning the fulcrum on both sides, the seat turns into a seesaw for children to play on. The Funny Chair can meet the needs of different groups of people. It not only expands the use of public facilities, but also more efficiently uses the space.

Designed by: Yunwen Sun, Jin He, Haonan Xi, Jizhe Wang and Haimo Bao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University and the 38th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corp.


Glucosio Smart Glucose Meter Phone Case

Glucosio is the ultimate portable diabetes test kit. Diabetes management is a confusing, tedious and manual process for patients, especially when they are newly diagnosed. Glucosio a smartphone case integrated with a built-in glucose meter and lancet device. It pairs with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth to perform tasks such as tracking data and logging insulin injections throughout the day. Users can schedule a blood sugar test and receive push notifications on their lock screen to get reminders. Glucosio aims to free diabetics from the time-consuming procedures and stereotypes conventionally associated with diabetes.

Designed by: Dousan Miao of Brunel University