Student Designs

Scylla Underwater Platform

In underwater operations, divers must not only complete their work but also allow their ear pressure to recover within a limited time window, which shortens the actual operation time. The Scylla Underwater Platform solves this problem. It is designed as a three-platform structure for different stages: at the water surface, the shallow-water layer, and the deep-water layer. Each platform is equipped with a device capable of providing sufficient oxygen and heat for underwater operators. Divers can always go to the nearest auxiliary platform for supplement oxygen and heat where they can wait for their ear pressure to recover and then proceed to the next step.

Designed by: Haimo Bao, Jin He, Cheng Pan, and Kun Xu of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University and Bin Xu of Tangshan Shangjiu Industrial Deisgn Center (Tangshan Kun Kiln Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

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Omnipotent is a smart forklift truck. Unlike a traditional integrated forklift truck, Omnipotent is designed in two parts: a separate movable balance module and a driving and operating module. This configuration enables it to have the flexible weighting and step-climbing function that a traditional forklift truck does not have. Omnipotent’s rear counterweight module was moved back to increase leverage to allow it to work smoothly under high load. At the same time, the dynamic balance-monitoring system monitors the forklift in real time. Under high load, it will automatically extend the rear weight module to prevent the forklift from overturning.

Designed by: Haimo Bao, Dongchen Sun, Runze Zhang, and Song Qiao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University and Bin Xu of Tangshan Shangjiu Industrial Design Center (Tangshan Kun Kiln Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

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Cortec - Solar Park Service Robot

Cortec is a service robot that increases the efficiency of solar farms. It solves the problems of a lack of service personnel and the high maintenance costs the exponentially growing solar industry experiences. The main part of the Cortec robot is the modular vehicle base on which tools for various tasks can be docked. The cleaning tool was the focus of this project as soiling leads to the most inefficiencies and the ongoing cleaning process offers enormous potential for cost and resource savings. The cleaning tool cleans the surface of the solar arrays with the help of water and brushes. A circular system with a filter ensures tremendous water savings. 

Designed by: Lennart Blatt for Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd

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VIA - Handheld Printer & Scanner

VIA, a handheld printer and scanner, is designed to reduce the pain points of conventional printing while bringing excitement to the process. VIA’s design reduces the footprint to 8.5 inches. By making the user the driving force behind the printer, paper jams are avoided and points of failure are lessened. VIA uses wide printhead technology so prints can be achieved in a single stroke. It can print on nearly any smooth, flat surface, allowing for optimized and creative uses, such as printing shipping labels directly on boxes. The touch screen provides simple interactions, guided printing, and print previews.

Designed by: Matthew Koscica, Jasmine Schubert, and Dylan Willis of Western Washington University

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Sayvor is an easy-to-clean nested smart cookware set designed to seamlessly transition with you throughout each step of the cooking process (prep, cook, eat, store).  

Designed by: Jordan Christensen, Keith Dandridge, Diamond Greer, Emily Hoffmann and Aren Thompson of  Northwestern University

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Apollin Smart Dental Delivery

Apollin is a smart dental delivery system designed to provide an optimal working space for all dentists, ensuring that it is pleasant, ergonomic, adaptable, safe, and sustaining of the dentist’s health. 

Designed by: Sunghyun Lee of University of Bridgeport

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The Trilight was designed for small apartments. The lamp can be adapted to the activity at hand, such as reading, eating, or watching movies, to create the optimum environment for the moment.

Designed by: Tianning Zhao for ArtCenter College of Design

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Ayama is an emotional healthcare device that helps people with workplace or social anxiety to meditate. It guides users through rhythmic breathing by expanding and contracting in their hands. 

Designed by: Wenxi Qi of Rochester Institute of Technology and Hengbo Zhang of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Word Up Up

Word Up Up is a puzzle to help children learn English. Through rich illustrated pictures and easy operation, children can search and interact with word elements and learn while having fun.

Designed by: Xiaofang Li, Bo Liu, Zhao Liu, Zhuolin Gu, Weiwei Ma and Zhao Liu of BiBoBox for Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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In the summer and fall in Southeast Asia typhoons bring heavy rainfall and strong winds. The CYCLONE CATCHER was designed to turn the fierce wind and water into energy. Generally, small wind turbines can't withstand the strong wind speeds caused by typhoons and are often damaged or destroyed. The CYCLONE CATCHER is composed of a triangular outer wall for stability with a hydroelectric power system and a wind power system. The wind power system contains a generator, an accelerator, and an emergency deceleration device to produce power during a typhoon. The Hydroelectric power system, with its generators, water tanks, and pumps, uses the water collected during typhoons to produce power during calm weather. 

Designed by: Chih-Ting Yeh and Lang-Wen Ma of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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