Student Designs


Elle combines swimwear and a prosthetic leg to optimize an amputee’s swimming experience. It enables the user to achieve balance, maximize the energy return of launch off and flip-turns, and supports the body through the latest technology. This product was designed to assist single-leg amputees to compete with able-bodied swimmers in competitions. 

Designed by Della Tosin of Art Center College of Design

Contact: Della Tosin -


eQu Therapeutic Riding Saddle

The eQu therapeutic riding saddle is designed to help children with cerebral palsy. It gives the rider a safer seat and brings the legs as close as possible to the horse, which warms the legs and relaxes the muscles. The eQu also provides benefits to the therapist. It is a modular system, so it can be adjusted for different types of disabilities.

Designed by Stephanie Knödler of Umeå Institute of Design

Contact: Stephanie Knödler -


Safety Animal Band

The Safety animal band is a medical needle designed to make the experience of injections less traumatic for children. The band itself covers the needle and keeps it firmly in place in case the child suddenly moves. Plus, it’s shaped like a friendly baby elephant, an animal that kids are familiar with.

Designed by  Kim Mi Hyun, Jung Ju Yeon, Park In Hye and Park Chan Ju of Sungshin Women's University

Contact: In Hye Park -



L-burner is a portable gas burner with a slim cylindrical shape and a central L-joint. To one side of the joint, the gas container is stored within the pipe. On the other side is the burner. The L-shape offers structural stability during use. The ignition ball and gas container are sufficiently separated, preventing the risk of explosion due to overheating.

Designed by Yoon Taesik of Cheongju University

Contact: Taesik Yoon -



inFORM is a dynamic shape display that can render 3D content physically, so users can touch and manipulate digital information. It can also interact with the physical world around it, for example by moving objects on a surface. The inFORM prototype can be used to design interactions with future shape-changing displays.

Designed by  Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Alex Olwal, Akimitsu Hogge, Philip Schoessler, Ryan Wistort, Guangtao Zhang, Cheetiri Smith, Alyx Daly, Pat Capulong, Jason Moran and Hiroshi Ishii of MIT Media Lab

Contact: Daniel Leithinger -



SANITOUCH is an antibacterial electronic device that automatically cleans escalator handrails in public places to promote better public health. It was designed to work with current escalator configurations with no alterations necessary. It uses UV light to kill viruses while the handrail rolls past the devices on both sides. 

Designed by Huijie Zhou and Haochen Wang of University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Design

Contact: Huijie Zhou -


IC - Internal Cutter

The powerful IC - Internal Cutter makes it easy to cut a pipe flush with the floor. It does the work of traditional jack hammers, saws and clamps without the strain and effort. The Internal Cutter clamps onto pipes and cuts them cleanly from the inside out.

Designed by Alexander Turesson of Umeå Institute of Design

Contact: Alexander Turesson -


SOS Rocket

SOS Rocket is a safety system for use at beaches. A buoy indicates the limit of the swimming area. A swimmer who is passing into an unsafe area can grab the buoy and release a helium-filled SOS balloon, which is attached to the buoy, indicating an emergency to lifeguards and other people at the beach.

Designed by Wonkyung Jang of Sangmyung University;  - Jaehyo Lee of Yeungnam University for Korea Design Membership

Contact: Wonkyung Jang -


Kira Sailing Yacht

The Kira Sailing Yacht is a sailboat that combines the luxuries of a high-end yacht with the traditional elements that accompany sailing. Its electric winches and computer-controlled solar sail enable it to be sailed by a crew of one. Users can live in comfort and style with a zero carbon footprint. 

Designed by Sebastian Campos of  Savannah College of Art and Design

Contact: John McCabe -



In Turkey a considerable number of villagers live without water plumbing systems in their homes. Aqualife is an affordable and durable system that features 10-liter stackable containers, attachments to convert containers into taps, stands that elevate the containers, a cart that enables a villager to carry up to six containers at a time, and funnel and hose adaptors.

Designed by Ahmet Burak Aktas of Middle East Technical University for DesignUM

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