Student Designs


The Khayyám lamp is a timeless object that alludes to the weightlessness of space with its paradoxical balance, which requires precise calculation and accurate manufacturing. The simplicity of the exterior is counterbalanced by the complexity of the interior. Inspired by the planets of the solar system, when illuminated the frontal view resembles an annular eclipse.

Designed by: Ehsan Aghdami


Pregnant Indicator Protect

It's hard for pregnant women to see what's going on inside their bellies. With the help of its close-fitting high-tech material and an embedded sensor, the Pregnant Indicator Protect can monitor every movement of fetus and provide moms comprehensive data about their babies. The recorded information is also automatically saved.

Designed by: Simeng Li/Yufan Jiang/Zishuo fang/Tiefeng Li/Sean Severson


Clasp Burner

A hot new idea is making it easier to stay warm and whip up meals on the trails, or at home. The Clasp Burner is a compact gas burner that is smartly designed to be put together quickly with only a handful of lightweight components. Flames form fast with the butane gas. Pack it up and it’s ready to go, making the Clasp Burner one of the most portable cooktops out there. S’mores, anyone?

Designed by: Kinam Hwang, Jisoo Koh, Mina Kim and Suim Choi of Hoseo University



The National Underwater Accident Data Center reports one-fifth of diver deaths can be attributed directly to panic attacks; experts ask if that number is even higher because of underreporting. Panic attacks under water can cause rapid, shallow breathing; hypoxia; carbon dioxide buildup; and irrational behavior. The diver could expel the regulator or try to bolt to the surface. These responses can cause the diver to pass out; suffer a heart attack; or become disoriented. Synchro is a new diving regulator that could analyze a diver’s breathing patterns and detect panic attacks, signaling the diver in advance that danger is imminent.

Designed by: Hankak Lee and Seongmi Kang of Royal College or Art, Hanyang University



MINIMUM is an environmentally-friendly bathroom faucet that brings user experience to a new level. Smart technology allows the hand washing process to be more pleasurable, hygienic and very intuitive. The sensor-based water adjustment system saves water as the faucet gauges where and how much water is needed. The user can adjust temperature and pressure instantly by directing hands underneath the faucet. MINIMUM works as a shelf as well, helping to keep the sink area clean and better organized. It is a simple design that suits various bathrooms, as the top platform can be personalized through different materials and colors.

Designed by: Janis Beinerts of Umeå Institute of Design


Love Button

It can be a chore for a senior, a child or someone with disabilities to button clothing. But now the act of undoing or securing a button has been made smoother with the Love Button. Every detail has gone through elaborate design—from the new diamond shape and raised dots to a tilted angle—all allowing the button to be grasped quickly and easily and pushed through a hole securely and comfortably.

Designed by: Yuanxi Lin, Tianliang Wu, Jiaxin Cai, Weibiao Tan, Hanhao Liang and Jinbin Tang of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts



U-pants divert the awkward and possibly embarrassing experience of using a urine drainage bag. U-pants look like regular pants, but they have specially-designed pockets to hold the bag and allow access for urinating into the bag and changing the bag. The zipper on the side of the pants also helps patients put on and take off the clothing.

Designed by: Yun-Chi Wu, Po-Jen Yang, Chune-Ie Chang, Guan-Hao Pan and Suany Martin of National Taipei University of Technology


Clean Mate

Clean Mate is a portable, cleaning storage and caddy that enables the elderly to clean by providing them something very vital—mobility. True to its name, Clean Mate is a mobile support companion that seniors can use to support themselves to move around the house and access cleaning tools. It’s a hybrid of three main functions: a walker, a folding seat and cleaning product storage. Clean Mate can aid users to get to the cleaning location; provide a seat for rest; and clean and ultimately provide an organized storage for cleaning products that often lay in disarray.

Designed by: Geemay Chia - Cleveland Institute of Art


Easy Welding

Easy Welding is an adhesive tape for welding work. It greatly simplifies and reduces the difficulty of welding to make it simpler and more efficient. It also reduces the safety risks to welders.

Designed by: Xuefei Li, Di Fang, Chui Li, Peiqiang Zhao and Mengru Shao of Dalian Nationalities University


RSX15 Respiratory Mask

RSX15 is the first respiratory mask designed to be attached to standard safety helmets. Today, many industry workers are unaware of the dangers of small, airborne dust particles in their environment that may increase the risk for medical conditions such as asthma, cancer or heart failure. Respiratory masks may not be accessible easily but with RSX15, protection is within reach.

Designed by: Andreas Enebrand of Umeå Institute of Design