Student Designs

ZERO - Non touch contact lenses

To avoid infection, people who use contact lenses must be sure to wash their hands and any assistive devices, like lens tweezers, every time they want to insert and remove their lenses. ZERO no-touch disposable contact lenses make wearing contact lenses easier and more hygienic. Each lens is housed in a blister pack. Once you open the packaging, drain the lens fluid, use your finger to pop up the lens, and lift it to your eye holding the convenient tab on the packaging. The lens sits on a raised base that ensures there is no contact between your fingers or the packing and your eye.

Designed by: Junsik Oh of Yeungnam University

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Warmth of Projection

The Warmth of Projection thermometer aimed to eliminate the anxiety people experience when taking their temperature, especially during a pandemic. During use, the temperature is projected onto the user’s arm via an LED rather than on a display, shifting the user’s attention away from the coldness of a device and fear of the results. By reducing excessive attention on the thermometer and the outcome, it lends a sense of relaxation and warmth, especially at time when people are experiencing added stress.

Designed by: Yan Yue, Jiahao Yu, and Yan Li of College of Art and Design, Shanghai University of Engineering Science

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Quilt - Remote Funeral Service for COVID-19

Quilt is a remote funeral service that uses a digital platform and video hardware to help people plan and hold a dignified dual in-person and virtual funeral for lost loved ones during COVID-19. Its customizable planning template system helps family members, funeral home staff, and clergy members easily and efficiently plan a funeral service. Users can sync to social media for posting obituary information, coordinating guest lists, and sending out invitations. By transferring audio-like singing and talking into personalized visual presentations for certain parts of the ceremony, Quilt enables on-site participants to experience the supportive presence of online guests.

Designed by: Benzhe Chen, Peggy (Mingyuan) Lee, Ruiying Xu, and Viola Huang of ArtCenter College of Design

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Five Pieces of Wood

Five Pieces of Wood is a portable chair that is assembled with a tenon-and-mortise system. The surface of the seat is made of sackcloth to increase comfort. The horizontal support in the middle of the chair plays a very important role. It not only connects the front and rear legs but also locks the overall structure through the latch at the end. To disassemble the chair, simply remove the latch—no tools needed. The chair can also be stacked for space-efficient storage.

Designed by: Zhai Weimin and Chien-Hsiung Chen of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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The best way to gain the confidence to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to save someone’s life is AED training. However, AED training is complex. As a result, class size is limited, and training is costly. QAED is an AED training device concept that supports instructors throughout the teaching process. It collects and analyses participants’ performance and translates the results into guidelines for the instructor. The QAED app provides information about the most problematic tasks and points to the students who might require more attention. QAED increases the quality of the training and allows class size to be larger, making training more accessible to more people.

Designed by: Anna Gębala of Delft University of Technology for Laerdal Medical

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Forest Guard

Forest Guard is an intelligent, unmanned forest-fire-fighting system. It cruises and monitors forests continuously for up to a month. When it finds a forest fire, it immediately and autonomously extinguishes it. The device is equipped with cameras and sensors to detect the fire. When one is found, it will fly closer and release drones to check it. Then it will assess the situation and start processing. It will release fire-extinguishing bombs with the assistance of drones. After the fire is extinguished, it will monitor the spot for 24 hours to prevent the fire from reviving.

Designed by: Jiahua Zhang, Kejun Li, and Fan Chen of Politecnico di Milano

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Modular Convenient Stove

The Modular Convenient Stove is portable combination stove suitable for outdoor dining or a picnic. It is designed to suit the needs of different outdoor scenarios by combining both grilling and cooking functions. It is compact and handy. Cooking and barbecue can be carried out at the same time, which provides a richer picnic experience and enhances outdoor activities. Its modular design allows users to customize use scenarios, enabling a simpler and more convenient outdoor experience.

Designed by: Chen jiasheng, Wei haidong, Kuang shuoshuo, Li shun, and Huang haodong of Guilin University of Electronic Technology

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Finger-tape - Braille Correction Device

According to a world vision report published by the World Health Organization, the number of people with visual impairment or blindness has reached 2.2 billion globally. Due to the particularities of Braille writing, it is difficult to correct mistakes in Braille writing, and the market for Braille correction products is lacking. Finger-tape fills this gap. Through a few simple operations, Finger-tape generates a correction tape to cover the incorrect Braille. The semantics of the device were taken from everyday correction tape to enable people to clearly understand its function, and the shape of the product was designed to make it easier for your fingers to use it.

Designed by: Tianyi Chen, Chaojie Hu, Yixuan Li, and Xuenan Zheng of Zhejiang University of Technology

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Drift Lamp

Drift Lamp is a renewable energy product that illuminates docks and bridges by using the river’s tide. The lower part of the design consists of a turbine blade. The blade is protected by a floating enclosure unit that also protects the blade from impacts and damage. An extended arm continuously holds the floating enclosure unit at the correct depth underwater. Depending on the water level in the river, the arm expands and contracts. Drift Lamp generates mechanical energy from the turbine blade, which generates electricity. By using naturally occurring energy as its power source, Drift Lamp reduces energy costs and saves energy at the same time.

Designed by: Haimo Bao, Wenhui Du, and Luhao Liu of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University, Shizhu Lu of Wuhan University of Technology and Bin Xu of Tangshan Shangjiu Industrial Design Center (Tangshan Kun Kiln Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

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GO-WALK is a modular mobile assistive device for dogs. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, up to one-quarter of dogs will suffer from osteoarthritis during their lifetime. Joint problems are irreversible, requiring surgery or assistive equipment to help them walk. GO-WALK enables dogs to walk more easily, reducing the burden and strain on them. It is offered in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each size can be adjusted to fit the dog’s body shape to provide maximum assistance. With its modular design, the owner can choose various accessories, such as a wheelchair or a strap, according to a dog’s needs.

Designed by: Wei-Chi Chen, Ching-Hsin Hsu, Ying-Cih Shao, and Shu-Qing Ou of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology CREATIVE PRODUCT DESIGN

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