WIM – Interactive Stroke Therapy


WIM is a new type of interactive stroke therapy that empowers and supports a patient’s recovery at home. Immediate, extensive and correct rehabilitation is crucial to fully recovering and must begin within 24 hours of a stroke to start the process of reconnecting brain cells. WIM is a non-stigmatizing training kit prescribed by a therapist that helps improve a stroke patient’s fine-motor skills. As a helpful companion with personality accompanied by a tracking armband, WIM is able to provide advanced personalized therapy in the comfort of home. Supported by a shared application, WIM enables continuous communication between patient and therapist throughout the recovery period. Guiding lights, sounds and vibrations in combination with muscle-tracking technology enable WIM to come alive, addressing all senses and adapting each session to the patient’s need.

Designed by: Jenny Holmsten and Thomas Helmer of Umeå Institute of Design

Contact: jenny.holmsten@gmail.com