The Third Eyes

Featured Finalist

It’s a lifesaving idea that could help put the brakes on vehicle collisions caused by drivers when changing lanes.
The Third Eyes system warns a driver that a vehicle or more could be in the way, if the driver is trying to change lanes. When a driver turns on a lane changing signal, a Third Eyes ultrasonic sensor detects headlights from vehicles on either side. This lights up the driver’s rear view mirror and sets off adjustable alarm sounds, warning the driver not to switch lanes.
The Third Eyes system can be installed in any kind of vehicle to find danger in what commonly is known as the “blind spot.” It was designed by Wen-Sheng Wang and Yann-Long Lee, students at Ling-Tung University in Taiwan.

Designed by: Wen-Sheng Wang Yann-Long Lee of LING-TUNG UNIVERSITY

The Third Eyes
Ling-Tung University