Omnipotent is a smart forklift truck. Unlike a traditional integrated forklift truck, Omnipotent is designed in two parts: a separate movable balance module and a driving and operating module. This configuration enables it to have the flexible weighting and step-climbing function that a traditional forklift truck does not have. Omnipotent’s rear counterweight module was moved back to increase leverage to allow it to work smoothly under high load. At the same time, the dynamic balance-monitoring system monitors the forklift in real time. Under high load, it will automatically extend the rear weight module to prevent the forklift from overturning.

Designed by: Haimo Bao, Dongchen Sun, Runze Zhang, and Song Qiao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University and Bin Xu of Tangshan Shangjiu Industrial Design Center (Tangshan Kun Kiln Ceramic Co., Ltd.)

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