Milwaukee Tool: Future of Connected Tools


This conceptual project outlined a family of products designed for the construction site of the future in which robots and connected tools work together to support the efforts of their human counterparts. This ecosystem is composed of four unique tool systems that target four critical areas of major construction: security, safety, movement and communication. The security lighting system provides enhanced surveillance capabilities to site managers as well as egress lighting for workers in case of an emergency. The safety wearable allows workers on-site to inform managers when and where there is an emergency or accident. The movement system leverages drone technology to survey the site and ensure delivery of just-in-time construction materials and tools to workers. Lastly, the communication system acts as a central hub for workers and managers to access important data related to BIM and other tool systems on-site.

Designed by: Western Washington University Industrial Design Class of 2018 for Anvil Studios and Milwaukee Tool

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