Illusory Material: transform material experience in everyday products


Imagine designing everyday products with impossible materials that only exist in the digital world. Imagine a future where designers can manipulate the color, texture, and reflectivity of materials across time and different viewing angles. Imagine that the future of color creation is not based on layers of chemical paints, but a combination of 3D-printed optical lenses and simple color blocks. These are just some of the possibilities capable with Illusory Material. It uses computation power with the most advanced 3D printing technology in the world, multi-material voxel printing, to allow designers to play with CMF or even material properties that have never existed before. 

Designed by: Jiani Zeng and Honghao Deng of MIT and advised by Axel Kilian of MIT Architecture and Stefanie Mueller of MIT CSAIL for Stratasys

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