i’mnot - music instruments for non-musicians

Curator's Choice

i’mnot is an open-ended musical instrument and subscription service that allows non-musicians to experiment with sound. It expands the musical instrument market from professionals to non-musicians so that they can play music without knowing music. The i’mnot set includes a DJ mixer, a theremin, a piano, a violin, a water phone, a xylophone, and an erhu, along with an app and subscription service. The philosophy of i’mnot is to bring the concept of play back to playing instruments. Subscribers register online, and an i’mnot blind box is delivered every month. After connecting with a Bluetooth speaker, they can start experimenting with sound. Each box is inspired by different instruments and has unique play gestures. Users can discover their own interactions and create music freely. Using the i’mnot app challenges users to reach a higher level of play and deepen their discovery and connection with music.

Designed by: Peggy (Mingyuan) Li of ArtCenter College of Design

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