HanDo offers two types of prostheses, the Daily Functional Arm, which helps children with their daily performance in school, and the Sports Entertainment Arm, which is used for sports activities and exercise. This is an improvement from traditional prostheses, which only offer a single function and can only be used in limited situations. Users of HanDo can purchase additional kits to accommodate their own needs; in this way, child amputees are free to explore, grow, and develop with a lessened financial burden. The HanDo app allows families to browse and purchase prostheses. The app’s augmented reality fitting function allows parents and children to choose and customize the prostheses together, changing the color, design, and installation. The app uses screenshots and video recordings to show children what they will look like when wearing the prostheses, which can provide a comforting and uplifting purchasing experience. HanDo replaces the traditional complicated manufacturing process with 3D printing, which makes the prostheses more accessible to children at more affordable prices.

Designed by: Zheng Feng-Jia, Peng Kai-Jung, Li Hsuan-Yen and Kok Wei Ming of HanDo for Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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