Dart Electric Rideshare Bike


Dart is an electric ride-share bike and associated lifestyle brand. The bicycle ride-share market is focused on getting from point A to point B and seldom prioritizes the rider’s experience along the journey. Dart, in contrast, is an electric ride-share bike that is all about making the journey enjoyable. The design focused on improved bike performance, versatile riding characteristics, exciting aesthetics, and streamlined user interactions. The electric hub motor gives riders an extra power boost to speed over difficult urban terrain and arrive at work free of sweat. The adjustable handlebar provides users the option to ride with an aggressive lean over hills or pedal upright comfortably over flat ground. The design and proportion of the bike also inspire confidence and make riders feel stylish. This encourages people to incorporate cycling into their lifestyle. Additionally, the locking mechanism is positioned to let users lock the bike to a rack from either the left or right side, greatly improving disembarking convenience when parking.

Designed by: Victoria Chiang, Francis Lin, Nico Hitson and Kevin Shankwiler of Georgia Institute of Technology

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