Crop Protector


The Crop Protector prevents seedlings from being damaged by Pomacea canaliculata, a freshwater snail that feeds on water crops like rice, lotus, and water chestnuts. The outer shell is made from straw fiber, which stabilizes the roots and prevents the seedlings from being knocked over in strong winds. Rice bran and tea seed meal are added to the top to reduce damage from the snail. The straw fiber, rice bran, and tea seed meal are rich in nutrients and decompose in the soil, serving as an organic fertilizer to help the seedlings grow. Since the Crop Protector is completely biodegradable, the seedlings can be transplanted directly into the ground while still inside the vessel.

Designed by: Chieh-An Chung, Chang-Yu Lung and Zi-Shan Zhang and advised by Prof. Kai-Chu Li of Ming Chi University of Technology

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